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You Can Now Buy The Dream Phone From Amazon And It's Such A Throwback

You Can Now Buy The Dream Phone From Amazon And It's Such A Throwback

If you weren't playing this at your 90s sleepover what were you even doing?

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Oh my God, we've just remembered Dream Phone and it was the most 90s game to ever happen.

Launched in 1991, the board game became the sleepover activity of choice for young girls' around the globe.

We'd spend our Friday nights chatting on a pink plastic phone to fake boys with cheesy American accents and our pre-teen excitement levels had never peaked harder as to find out Brad fancied us.

Well now, Amazon is selling the Dream Phone for just £20 including free delivery. Yes, the retailer have got the game on offer for just £20 with free delivery in the UK.

Be still our beating seven-year-old heart.

The premise was this: there are 24 fictional boys, all with names like Luke, Dan, Mike and Jake, and one of them has a crush on you. Let's say for instance it's Luke. He's a blonde spiky-haired hunk - soccer player probably.

Luke also had a crush on your friends too, which was weird looking back, but we glossed over it.

The players' mission was to find out it was Luke that fancied them out of all the other boys, and they'd do this by pulling a card which would have a boys face on it and picking up the big pink phone to 'call' them.


The boy on the other end of the phone would give you a clue about your crush (i.e. "I know what he eats, this guy loves milkshakes" and you could then cross off all the boys who don't like milkshakes.

By a process of elimination you'd find out Luke fancies you, you'd call him, and he'd say "I like you!". Yay, you have a fictional date and everyone is happy.

Yeah, looking back now it's kind of a problematic game, but back then it was THE most important thing in the world chatting to boys on the phone and getting dates.

We can only imagine what a 2019 version would entail (for a start you'd WhatApp instead of phone up and there would most definitely be an LGBT mode).

Whether you want to buy it as a nostalgic momento or for your young relative (yeah maybe don't do that) it's available to shop now here.

Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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