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You Can Actually Stay In This 600-Year-Old Airbnb Room Haunted By The Ghost Of A Child

You Can Actually Stay In This 600-Year-Old Airbnb Room Haunted By The Ghost Of A Child

Forget location or decor: if being spooked is your accommodation priority, we've got the perfect Airbnb for you.

Deborah Cicurel

Deborah Cicurel

When you book an Airbnb for a weekend away, you probably consider the location, the facilities and maybe even the decor.

But if having the living daylights scared out of you is also a top priority when it comes to accommodation, you need to book a stay at this haunted 600-year-old Airbnb.

The Haunted Bedroom at Talliston is a genuine option on the homestays website. Located in Great Dunmow as part of the truly unique Talliston House and Gardens, the room costs from £125 a night and is decked out in a seriously spooky Art Nouveau style, with hanging drapes, creepy ornaments and a four poster bed.

The website describes the eerie haunted room as "nightmarish" and explains you'll encounter "unexplained smells and sounds" during your stay, but that hasn't put off past guests rating it a huge 4.97 out of 5.

The room is set up like an Edwardian child's lodgings (

"Master bedroom in 'Britain's Most Extraordinary Home'", the description on the website reads. "Decorated in Scottish Art Nouveau style, this room recreates in nightmarish detail the bed chamber of a seven-year-old Edwardian child complete with books, toys and ephemera."

It goes on: "Unlike other rooms, guests who book for the Haunted Bedroom are guaranteed exclusive use of the entire house and gardens for the duration of their stay. But if you have extra guests they can book one of our two other spaces: The Cabin and The Room of Dreams."

The terrifying room is not for the faint hearted (

The description goes on to add: "Intimate, low lit in period wall lighting and candles. Heavy drapes and wardrobe space. Sounds of ocean at base of cliffs outside windows. Unexplained smells and sounds. Not for the faint hearted."

Past guests who have survived a night in the room without being too traumatised by the ghost of an Edwardian child have gushed about how fantastic the experience is.

One reviewer gushed: "Mind blowing place you will fall in love instantly", while another enthused: "I'm torn with writing a review at all as I feel like I stumbled into a delicious secret and am reluctant to share it."

Would you stay here? (

There are still a few dates available in the haunted room over December, so you can still travel back to Edwardian times and spend the night with a ghost in your room - if you're brave enough. Yikes.

Featured Image Credit: Airbnb

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