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Travel Influencers Forced To Defend Themselves Over 'Irresponsible' Snap

Travel Influencers Forced To Defend Themselves Over 'Irresponsible' Snap

A travel influencer couple have been forced to defend themselves over a "dangerous" stunt.

The picture from Positravelty, who have almost 62,000 followers, shows Kelly dangling over the side of an infinity pool with - what looks like - a sheer drop below. Meanwhile, Kody is holding her from dropping by gripping onto her arms.


Positravelty shared the image earlier this month, and it was met from a backlash from their following, who deemed it both "irresponsible" and "dangerous".

A number called out the couple, with one writing: "Very Stupid to risk the life of your significant one. Just for a stupid photo."

"Dumbest thing I've seen today. Imagine if she fell, all for the sake of a little internet fame," added another.

After the flurry of negative comments attracted by the post, the couple have been forced to defend their Instagram infinity pool stunt taken in Bali - and it seems like they have no regrets.


Kody told INSIDER: "What is probably most surprising to any audience is that this photo was actually Kelly's idea.

"We are both in good shape, we know our bodies and in turn, we know our limits. We had faith in each other and trust to pull this off and so we made the choice as a team to shoot it.

He continued: "There is a lip, where the ridge of the infinity pool juts out over the wall where Kelly could get a solid grip and place her weight on her forearms. I held her the entire time and if zoomed you can actually see my grip on her arm.

"We have both jumped off of waterfalls and bridges much higher than this infinity pool so the height aspect wasn't a concern for us at all."

Apparently, there was another pool beneath Kelly and they felt "very safe" while posing for the Instagram snap.

"Photography is our creative outlet while we travel and as 'creatives,' a term associated with this avenue of social media, we do our best to create content that we love and are proud of, always pushing ourselves to be unique and challenge our perspectives," they added.

Probably don't try this at home though, kids.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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