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You Can Now Sleep In Treehouses In A Jungle In Bali

You Can Now Sleep In Treehouses In A Jungle In Bali

When can we move in?

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

It's a universal fact that any holiday accommodation can be improved by dropping it slap bang in the middle of a jungle - which is why our latest find has us practically drooling.

We're moving in. (
Lift Bali)

Nestled in the Balinese jungle, The Lift boutique hotel sees apartments elevated off the ground and surrounded by nature. How incredible do they look?

The raised treehouses, designed by architect Alexis Dornier, boast incredible jungle views, and all come with a living room, dining room, bathroom and bedroom with a king-sized bed.

There's also air-con and complimentary WiFi in the rooms, which is useful because you just know you'll be whacking this on the 'gram the second you get there.

In addition, there are large balconies for guests to sit and have their morning coffee, or otherwise, watch the sunset as jungle sound buzzes around them. When you're done, winding steps lead down to the resorts grounds where guests can find a luxury pool, sauna, and - hurrah - a bar.

There's even a raised yoga platform for yogis that appreciate a view. Surely this is as zen as it gets?

Located in Penestanan near Ubud, there are currently three different homes on offer (with plans for expansion) that are all named after famous novelists and filmmakers.

They include the Ernest Hemmingway, Stanley Kubrick and George Orwell, each offering something different in terms of size and design, so be sure to have a good look here before booking.

The inspiration behind the homes were all to do with - you guessed it - nature. Architects chose to have the treehouses raised on stilts in a bid to make a less invasive impact on the environment.

But wait, I know what you're thinking. Digs this idyllic are going to cost a gazillion pounds and leave us having to remortgage our house for the price of a night's stay, right?

Wrong. A night's stay starts at just £33 for the most 'basic' option (Ernest Hemmingway, which you can book here), and go up to £52 for the mid-tier (George Orwell) and finally, £58 for the top-tier (Stanley Kubrick), which you can all book on Airbnb.

This is as dreamy as it gets - when can we move in?

Featured Image Credit: Lift Bali

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