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You Can Now Stay In A Creepy Prison - But Only If You're Brave Enough

You Can Now Stay In A Creepy Prison - But Only If You're Brave Enough

Karosta Prison in Latvia is offering guests an overnight experience complete with iron prison bunks and gruel.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

If your holidays usually consist of skydiving over sunbathing and exploring haunted castles rather than picturesque beaches, we might have just the thing for you.

A Latvian prison is offering thrill-seekers the chance to stay inside its creepy walls - and what you see is what you get.

Karosta Prison, a 20th Century jail located in Liepāja, is giving guests the chance to stay inside its creepy walls, sleeping on iron prison bunks and eating prison food just like the inmates. The experience costs €15 (£12.50) for the night.

At least there's a flower. The small things. (
Karosta Prison)

The facility, which was originally used as a Nazi and Soviet military prison, also offers an 'overnight show' for those that want the full immersive experience.

Arriving at the prison's Naval Port at 9pm at night, willing participants will undergo gruelling tasks set by guards that last until 9am the next morning.

Karosta Prison's overnight experience is not for the fainthearted (
Karosta Prison)

'Prisoner's will take part in exercises, making their bed and being interrogated by guards, and they do ask that you sign a disclaimer beforehand... All part of the fun, right?

The experience costs €17 (£14.30) for the night.

Otherwise, you can one up the inmates by staying in the chief officer's digs, complete with a comfy kingsize bed. One night in the cell costs €50 (£42) and there's the option to have breakfast in bed served by a prison guard at an extra fee.

You can feel super smug and opt to stay in the chief officer's chamber (
Karosta Prison)

To be honest, though, if you're going to stay in a prison by choice, you may as well opt for the full prisoner treatment. There's probably a hotel around the corner if that's more your bag.

You can book all the experiences at the prison by emailing [email protected].

Karosta Prison's experience is the latest in the quirky dark tourism trend which sees tourists travel to places that are associated with death and tragedy.

The creepy prison acted as former Nazi and Soviet prison (

Just last year, Shepton Mallet prison in Somerset, once home to child murderers, and criminals including Ronnie and Reggie Kray, reopened its doors to the public.

The former prison, which shut down six years ago, is now open to thrill seekers who want to get a taste of prison life and sleep inside the walls of Britain's most haunted jail.

Shepton Mallet Prison is one of Britain's scariest (
Shepton Mallet Prison)

Visitors have the chance to fully experience life as an inmate with the added 'haunted' bonus; they will sleep in a prison cell and hunt ghosts.

These experiences sounds perfect for those that like their vaycay activities to be a little off the wall.

Personally, you can find us at the beach...

Featured Image Credit: Karosta

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