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You Can Now Stay In 'Juliet's Home' Thanks To Airbnb

You Can Now Stay In 'Juliet's Home' Thanks To Airbnb

No one does romance like Shakespeare, after all.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

No one does romance quite like Shakespeare.

Now, hopeless romantics have the chance to live like a modern day Romeo and Juliet with a once-in-a-lifetime stay at the famed 'Juliet's House' in Verona, Italy.


Airbnb has transformed the historic building with the help of an Italian architect (

Homestay giants Airbnb announced earlier this week that the historic building - which is fabled to have belonged to Shakespeare's most famous heroine - will open its doors to one lucky couple.

In reality, Shakespeare didn't specify the exact location of Juliet's home, but with its beautiful stone balcony - which matches the description in Romeo and Juliet - Casa di Giulietta has become a symbol of the timeless love story.

All year round, love letters are sent from all over the world to the centuries-old building. Members of the non-profit Juliet Club are kept busy penning romantic replies.

With the help of an Italian architect, Airbnb has transformed the interior of the 13th century building into a luxurious romantic retreat.

The property's beautiful stone balcony has made it a symbol of Shakespeare's iconic love story 'Romeo & Juliet' (

The winning couple will be waited on by a personal butler while they stay overnight in the stunning medieval-themed bedroom, which features the original bed used in Zeffirelli's 1960s movie version of Romeo and Juliet.

If that wasn't enough, a romantic candlelit dinner will be cooked and prepared by two-Michelin Star chef Giancarlo Perbellini, served in a dining room filled with sparkling crystals, candles and flowers.

There will also be the chance to read and reply to some of Juliet's most recent love letters.

Airbnb's transformation of Casa di Giulietta marks a big shift in the building's history. Despite being a famous landmark and museum, the townhouse hasn't been used as a home since the 1930s.

The stay includes a romantic candlelit dinner cooked by two-Michelin Star chef Giancarlo Perbellini (

Highlights of the romantic stay include:

· A Romeo and Juliet inspired exploration of Verona, the city of love

· Private tour of the most romantic home in the history of literature

· Reading and replying to some of Juliet's most recent love letters

· Exclusive access to Michelin Star chef Giancarlo Perbellini while he prepares the romantic feast

· Candlelit dinner for two prepared by Giancarlo in Juliet's sumptuous dining room

· A night in Juliet's traditional bedroom transformed for the evening into a romantic boudoir

The winning couple will be waited on by a personal butler during their stay (

Keen to enter? Here's how...

To stay in Juliet's house, eligible applicants must pen a letter to Juliet, sharing their own poignant love story and explaining why they and their partner would be perfect guests.

Entries can be submitted at until 11:59pm EST on 2nd February 2020.

Featured Image Credit: Airbnb

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