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Woman Forced To Wait Outside Garage Because Her Outfit Was 'Inappropriate'

Woman Forced To Wait Outside Garage Because Her Outfit Was 'Inappropriate'

Who knew a crop top and shorts was such an offensive outfit choice?!

A woman on TikTok has claimed she was refused entrance to a garage because her outfit was "inappropriate".

Tia Wood, who goes by the username @tiawould on the video sharing platform, turned up to the garage in a red crop top and a pair of shorts, but says she was told she wasn't even allowed in the waiting room with the other customers.

While her stomach was on show due to the hot weather, the garage naturally had no specifications about what to wear when dropping your car off.

But that didn't stop the woman in charge asking her to walk around to the back of the building so nobody else could see her, and instructing her to remain there until she heard her car beeping for her to pick it up.

Here's a glimpse of her outfit:

"DIDN'T KNOW GETTING YOUR CAR INSPECTED HAD A DRESS CODE!!!!!!", she wrote as she shared the video of her perfectly normal summer 'garms on the app.

"That... does not sound legal," someone wrote in response.

While another joked: "Didn't you know the dress code is usually black tie for formal events like getting your car inspected".

The outfit in question (
TikTok/ Tia Wood (@tiawould))

"Wait there's nothing wrong with your outfit though?," commented someone else.

As a fourth penned: "Bestie that shirt was just too cute for them to handle".

Tia shared a follow-up call she made to the company's HQ, where she informed them about what had happened.

During the phone call, Tia starts by clarifying that there is no dress code for those dropping their car into the garage. And surprise, surprise, there isn't one - except for a Covid-19 mask.

As the TikTok user recounts what happened, the woman agrees that the treatment she received was "very odd" and asks her to recount it in full.

Check out a clip of that phone call below:

"So they told you you weren’t allowed in the waiting area because of your outfit?” the employee asks. “I’m asking questions because this is the first time we’ve ever heard something like this."

She grows more shocked and confused by her colleague's behaviour as the call goes on, and while Tia requests that nobody is fired over what happened to her, she does ask that action is taken to ensure such a situation doesn't happen again.

At the end of the call, the processor tells her: “I apologise for that because that is not how we do things. We don’t have a certain dress code. Everyone’s an adult.

“As long as you’re not there naked. That’s not something that we discriminate against so I’m sorry for your experience. I will get this to the right people and this will be addressed.”

You can hear the full chat, here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ Tia Wood (@tiawould)

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