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Bride Has Heartwarming Reaction As Mum Wears White Gown To Her Wedding

Bride Has Heartwarming Reaction As Mum Wears White Gown To Her Wedding

The women wearing white went viral overnight!

We think Queen Kelly Kapoor put it best when she said, 'there was an emergency. I look really good in white'.

One mother-of-the-bride might've taken this to the next level, after her daughter discovered a white gown stored away in her wardrobe for the big day.

TikToker Jane Lu (A.K.A. @thelazyceo) had the cutest reaction to her mum's fashion faux-pas. In a viral video, she showed subscribers the audacious dress, detailed with intricate lacy patterns. Jane jokingly pointed out that in contrast to her uber-stylish mum, she was aiming for a 'simple' look in her own wedding dress.

Clasping her head in her hands, the content creator exclaimed that the dress was "more bridal than mine". The cameraperson then asked whether her mum would be renewing her vows on the day. Photos from later on in the day showed our new favourite mum living her best life at the reception - and, genuinely, looking beautiful.

The video became a viral hit overnight, generating over half-a-million likes and 2,000 comments. Users were surprised the TikToker took the faux-pas so graciously.

"I would've told her to get a diff [sic] dress, or just don't come," one user said.

Jane's wedding dress was understated and beautiful (
Instagram @thelazyceo)

Jane later updated her followers with a second part to the viral TikTok. The bridal speech included a shout-out to her mum (the appropriately-named Queenie), revealing that her parents were never formally married.

Queenie was then invited to share her daughter's special moment, relishing the attention and looking stunning while doing it!

However, her crime against tradition meant that she needed to take a "shame-shot" of prosecco in front of the congregation.

Queenie - A.K.A. Jane's mum - was invited to share her daughter's special moment. (
TikTok @thelazyceo)

Fans loved this priceless mum-and-daughter moment. "You both look so pretty," one user said.

"Your mum is too cute," gushed another.

Either way, we hope each stunning lady had a day to remember!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/thelazyceo

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