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Woman Shares 'Creepy' Video Of When A Service Man Waits Outside Her House

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Woman Shares 'Creepy' Video Of When A Service Man Waits Outside Her House

A woman has shared footage of a serviceman waiting outside her house in his van after sending her inappropriate messages.

The gas man had left the woman, who goes by frecklesemx on TikTok, his number and she text him out of curiosity.

But what happened next left her feeling seriously uneasy.

Watch the video below:



Things started off rather normally. After TikToker Em thanked the gas man for being sweet, he replied: "Your welcome, no problem, if you don't mind me saying but your gorgeous and I don't understand how your not taken".

But when Em looked out of the window and saw the man she was texting still hadn't driven off, she began to feel uneasy.

The messages were shared on TikTok (Credit: TikTok/ @frecklesemx)
The messages were shared on TikTok (Credit: TikTok/ @frecklesemx)

She thanked him for the compliment, especially considering she was in her pyjamas.

And then he replied: "Lol well they were turning me on".

By this point, the gas man still hadn't left, and she could even see him checking for her reply from her window.

Em replied saying "oh lord", to which he wrote: "Sorry just be honest lol (sic)".


The serviceman then made it very clear he was around if she wanted to see him again, saying he was on call and would be the one coming over if she had any problems she needed sorting...

But he didn't stop there, sending another text suggesting he could come back inside if she wanted, as he was just sitting outside waiting to go on to another job.

The serviceman asked if he could come back inside (Credit: TikTok/ @frecklesemx)
The serviceman asked if he could come back inside (Credit: TikTok/ @frecklesemx)

"I could come back in as I'm just sat outside, waiting to finish before moving on to my next job. Rather than texting...each other?" he wrote.


By this point it had been an hour since the gas man left Em's house, and he was still visible from her window.

And as she shared her story online, many people sympathised, and others even related themselves.

"Happened to me as well," said one woman, referring to a different serviceman. "A bloke came to unblock my drain and he actually took my number from the job sheet and kept texting me I was hot etc. Creep".

Em saw the driver sat outside her house (Credit: TikTok/ @frecklesemx
Em saw the driver sat outside her house (Credit: TikTok/ @frecklesemx

"Bruh I had this happen to me only he was LITERALLY 60-70 and offered me his number...like", said someone else.

"He really thought he was in an adult movie," said a third TikToker.

While another wrote: "People saying she shouldn't have messaged back? Maybe she felt uncomfortable and didn't want to be so blunt because he just sat outside her house".

"There's being polite and then there's being flirty and guys need to stop mistaking the two," said another. "That must have been scary for you."

It would be amazing if day-to-day life as a woman didn't always come with an inherent fear for our safety, wouldn't it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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Joanna Freedman
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