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Woman Shares Her Genius Response To Guys Asking For Pics

Woman Shares Her Genius Response To Guys Asking For Pics

This is brilliant!

A woman has shared her genius response after a guy she had never met asked her to send over a photograph of herself.

Taking to TikTok, Laleh - who goes by the name of @lalehkhorsandi on the app - explained the clever way she tricked her date into thinking she'd sent a photo.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, Laleh shared a screengrab of the messages. She explained: "So you're texting this guy who ends up being a f**kboy and usually you're above it but this time you really want to make yourself laugh so send this text, it works like a charm and you'll thank me later."

She went on to explain how writing the words 'Attachment: 1 image' would trick the date into thinking she'd actually sent an attachment.

Laleh shared her genius trick (
Instagram/Laleh Khorsandi)

"This is how I know he's a f**kboy and a waste of my time, we were talking about where and when to meet for our first date, we hadn't even met yet, and I said 'I'm looking forward to it, have a good night' I'm in bed, I'm tired," she continued.

"He says 'leaving me here? Let me see ya' and this ladies and gentlemen, is what you do. Type out 'Attachment: 1 image' he says 'didn't send'... type it again... how about now? 'Nope'. Hmm I don't know, oh well, no pics!"

Laleh then suggested he go and get his phone checked out 'on Friday night instead of our date'.

Other TikTokers found it hilarious (

And other TikTokers found it hilarious, with one person commenting on the video: "That's a great idea 😂😂"

While another said: "Omggggg love this! Thank you!"

And a third added: "Genius ! Where’s your crown 👑!!! 🙌🏼"

Meanwhile a fourth wrote: "Yaaaaasss 👏👏👏 I'm so doing this from now on 😅😅"

Totally genius!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@lalehkhorsandi

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