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Woman Reveals Simple Razorblade Hack For Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

Woman Reveals Simple Razorblade Hack For Cleaning Kitchen Tiles

This is so satisfying.

'Deep cleaning' means something different to everyone. For some, doing a collar-and-cuffs hoover of the sitting room and spending the next three hours reminiscing over an old photo album you found down the back of the sofa is what a 'deep clean' is all about. Others, however, will vigilantly scrub the soap scum from their tiles with a razorblade.

The good news is - either one is valid, and frankly, the latter is super satisfying to watch!

'Deep clean' TikToker Tera Nelli (@tera.nelli) has officially shown us the best cleaning hack. It's cheap, it's effective... and all you need is a razor blade. You can watch it below:

The viral video - which has racked up nearly 500,000 likes - shows the TikToker scraping soap scum from her kitchen tiles. By gliding a razorblade across the floor, she was able to remove a thin layer of dirt which had been blending into the background.

"Just because you don't see the soap scum doesn't mean it isn't there," the content creator commented.

While one particular TikTok user asked the cleaner whether she was just scraping off the 'clear coating' on the tile, she retorted in the best way.

#DeepCleaning is a huge TikTok trend, racking up around 310 million views. [

Tera posted a response video, showing herself scraping over another tile with her fingernail. A good amount of 'soap scum' came off here too, silencing the nay-sayers.

One commenter came to the her defence, saying: "Not yall [sic] acting like finish scrapes off like that. That's clearly too soft to be a protective coat of any kind."

Casual viewers saw the funny side of the whole thing. One person branded the ingrained dirt "the forbidden parmesan cheese", while another disagreed with Tera's original statement.

"If I can't see [the dirt], it's clean," they said.

Would you clean your bathroom tiles with a razorblade? [

Whether deep-cleaning TikTok is your thing or not, we'll definitely be trying this trend as soon as possible.

Featured Image Credit: Credit: Unsplash

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