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Woman In Stitches After Finding Note On Dress In Tesco

Woman In Stitches After Finding Note On Dress In Tesco

The dress has an unusual sticker on the front.

A woman has been left in stitches after finding a rather unusual sticker left on a dress in Tesco.

The shopper - who goes by @billiecait on TikTok - shared a clip of herself in the F&F section at Tesco, where she found a dress with a note stuck to the front.

You can watch the video below:

In the clip, Billie explains: "I'm in Tesco and my sister likes this dress... so I was like cool let's find your size..."

Billie then holds up the dress, which has a sticker stuck to the front, reading 'smells, been sprayed with Febreze'.

The pair can be heard in hysterics at the spotty dress, with Billie continuing: "So don't buy that one!"

Billie explained she was shopping in Tesco (

It's not clear why the sticker was on the dress, but other TikTokers believe it could have been put back on the shop floor by accident.

"It'll be a return and they've put that note on to say they think it's been worn, but it's been put back out by accident," they wrote.

While another added: "Nothing a bit of Febreze can't help!"

Tyla has reached out to Tesco for comment.

In other fashion news, shoppers have been left baffled by Rihanna's new Savage X Fenty 'bare-bum' PJs.

The singer, 33, took to Instagram to show off some of her latest designs for her inclusive underwear line, but not everyone was loving these more unique pyjamas.

The dress had a note to say it smelt of Febreze (

The blue tartan PJs look perfect to wear over the Christmas season, however, when Ri turned around, shoppers realised you'll actually have to bare your bum to wear the jim jams.

Some were shocked by the pyjamas, with one joking: “Don’t y'all get them Rihanna pyjamas with the ass crack out. She can pull it off you’re going look like a plumber.”

Others liked it however, with one adding: “I need those Rihanna pyjamas ASAP!”

Would you wear them?!

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@billiecait

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