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This Buzzer Could Be The Answer To Stop Your Partner Snoring

This Buzzer Could Be The Answer To Stop Your Partner Snoring

This might just be the answer to our prayers...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you're sick and tired of your partner keeping you awake with their snoring, this new battery powered buzzer could be the solution you've been waiting for.

The gadget, called Somnibel, is not the coolest sleeping accessory, but if it provides you with a few extra ZZZs every night, then frankly your partner needs to wear it for your sake.

A study showed the Somnibel device helped in a third of cases. (

Let's be honest, there really is nothing worse than laying awake for hours because your other half has had a few (OK, a lot) too many pints and keeps laying on their back and snoring their head off.

The device works by buzzing when you roll onto your back and continues to do so until you reposition, providing "innovative treatment for sleep apnea and positional snoring" according to the manufacturer. Saves you having to give them an elbow to the ribs at least.

The good news is that according to the Respiratory Medicine Journal, scientists have found that the small device can reduce snoring symptoms by a third within days of using it.

Sounds like the answer to all our sleeping troubles.

We're hopeful this gadget will give us peace at last. (

The study also found that patients found it lightweight and easy to use, what's not to love?

And it's not just helpful for irritating snorers, because it helps obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) sufferers too.

OSA sufferers can have their air flow blocked while they sleep for short bursts of time which can lead to feeling extremely fatigued the next day, often waking up with a headache and low concentration levels, according to the NHS.

But worse than that, it is associated with high blood pressure, stroke and heart failure, according to

And given that you can help your sleep apnea by sleeping on your side, according to the NHS, this device is ideal.

The gadget doesn't seem to be widely available, but the maker of the product Sibelmed says to contact them to purchase it. You can do so here.

Sweet dreams.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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