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People Are Losing It After Woman Spots Major Spelling Mistake On Shein Jumper

People Are Losing It After Woman Spots Major Spelling Mistake On Shein Jumper

Oh dear...

Shoppers can't stop laughing after a woman spotted a major spelling mistake on a jumper she bought from Shein.

Posting on TikTok, @isabellarobshaw revealed the shocking blunder, which she only realised was there once the item had been delivered.

Can you spot the mistake in the clip below?

"This is a sign to proof read your Shein order before you check out," Isabella wrote on the post.

"It’s already embarrassing enough wearing locations I’ve never even been to, let alone them being spelt wrong," she added.

The green jumper in question should have had 'California' scribed across the front. But sadly, the 'L' was missing, and the jumper reads 'Caifornia' instead.

The jumper reads 'Caifornia' instead (

And it seems like it's not the only jumper with a spelling error. Isabella shared another image of a separate item which should have read 'National Park' but unfortunately the 'P' was replaced with an 'R' and it read 'National Rark' instead.

Oh dear!

Luckily, Isabella seemed to see the funny side of the mistake, commenting on the clip: "At least I’ve got some comfy loungewear for around the house next winter."

Others found it hilarious, with one person writing: "Yea I should’ve done that a few months ago, it said califomia and someone pointed that out as well😭😂."

While another said: "WHY IS THIS SO FUNNY"

And a third added: "I had the 1st in my basket but then looked at it again and was like….. WHAT IS THAT?"

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Omg I almost ordered the first one, glad I didn't."

Isabella was victim to two spelling mistakes (

It seems another person had also been victim to the mistake, adding: "WHY DID IT TAKE ME THREE YEARS TO REALISE IT WAS SPELT RARK AND NOT PARK."

And another joked: "I love taking my dog to the rark".

Always check what you're ordering, people!

Tyla has contacted Shein for comment.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@isabellarobshaw

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