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Women Are Selling Their Engagement Rings And Their Comments Are Savage

Women Are Selling Their Engagement Rings And Their Comments Are Savage

One is selling her ex-husband's ring after he cheated on her with the gardener...

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Breaking up can be a truly horrible experience, made worse when you have the job of dividing belongings.

But if you were *engaged* to said partner, the awkward matter of 'who takes the engagement ring' is bound to come up at some point - and sometimes, if the relationship was left on a frosty note, things can be very tense indeed.

According to Pinterest, 40 per cent of proposals take place between Christmas and Valentine's Day. Which might be why online marketplace, Shpock's listings for engagement rings have seen an increase recently.

While 37 per cent of people find it difficult to let go of sentimental items, these sellers certainly aren't holding back, with many taking to the ad to give brutal details about the breakdown of their relationships.

One woman who has listed her ex-husband's Tiffany wedding band on the boot sale app wrote: "Selling my dirt bag ex's wedding band after he left me for a woman who mows our lawns.

"Size: small enough to be a cock ring, big enough for a ladies thumb. Easy to resize. Little but worn due to how often he's take it off on a night out. Please buy this to stop me throwing it into a river. Bought for £150."

These women have taken to the site to list their ex's rings (

Meanwhile, another woman is looking for £700 for her engagement ring, which was bought for £2,000.

"18ct gold 1/2 carat diamond engagement ring size m/n. Unfortunately having to sell my engagement ring due to my ex-boyfriend being a prick.

"Has receipts and authenticity card. Original price £2000."

It's not just women taking to the site to sell engagement rings, either, with plenty of ex fiance's listing jewellery, too.

One admitted to selling his ex's engagement ring because she was unfaithful. "Bought for my ex but she cheated on me," he wrote.

Men have also been taking to the site to share their experiences (

Another explained that while he had bought a ring for his girlfriend, he didn't end up going through with the proposal. "I bought this engagement ring for my ex partner and didn't go through with the engagement, so it's never worn and would love for it to go to someone else, so they can make their partner feel special," he said.

One man even listed his current girlfriend's engagement ring from a previous boyfriend.

Listed with a condition 'like new' the man explained the jewellery was from "another relationship". Yikes!

There are some bargains on the site, however, so if you are looking for a discounted ring, it's definitely worth a browse.

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