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Wingman App Lets Your Family And Friends Pick A Match For You

Wingman App Lets Your Family And Friends Pick A Match For You

It's basically a dream come true for all mums.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Imagine a world in which your parents are let loose on your dating apps, with the sole purpose of finding you a partner?

It's a terrifying thought, yes - but a new dating app will allow users to do just that.

Wingman enables friends and family to choose your date for you, believing that your mates, actually "know you best".

In fact, you'll have no say in the browsing until a match has been officially made and only then can a conversation be started.

We have to admit, we *do* love playing matchmaker - and if your pals are constantly asking to take charge of your dating apps, now's their chance.

The app lets your friends choose your date (

To begin, all your chosen wingman has to do is write up a snappy bio - which you have to approve, so it can't be too savage.

If your friend or family member has a case of writer's block, they needn't worry - the app has made a handy 'what to write' guide with some helpful advice on how to make you sound your best.

Suggestions include listing the qualities they admire in you as a pal, describing who they would love to see you with as well as sharing your interests.

Once finished, the bio will be sent to you to approve/make sure they've not royally stitched you up with some embarrassing stories disguised as 'fun facts'.

This is especially important if you HAVE decided to go wild and make your mum your wingman.

Would you let your friend or family member take charge of your love life? (

They will then have to answer some multiple-choice questions to better describe you, before getting ready to start swiping for the match of your dreams.

Once they see a profile they like, they can swipe right or tap the heart. The match will then have the opportunity to decide if they like your profile and if they do, a conversation can begin!

If you find yourself with a lazy wingman, there's also the 'looking for me' mode, where singles can browse all profiles themselves.

If they want to make a match, they can simply nudge their wingman to make an introduction, or skip this altogether and introduce themselves.

The best part? If it does end badly, at least you can shift the blame onto your pal for having made the match in the first place...

Featured Image Credit: Needpix

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