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Outrage As Husband Says He Doesn't Need To Do Chores As 'He Has A Wife For That'

Outrage As Husband Says He Doesn't Need To Do Chores As 'He Has A Wife For That'

'One baby is enough, you don't need him acting like a child on top of it.'

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

It's no secret that, as far as society has progressed, many women still take on a lot of the burden of unpaid labour, like childcare and household chores.

But when one man decided to make a joke out of this, declaring that he doesn't need to do anything as he "has a wife for that," you can imagine just how it went down...

Sharing the gripe on a Reddit thread called Am I The As*hole, the woman told strangers about her ordeal.

"I (F33) and husband (M37) had a baby 5 months ago. He really wanted kids, I was on the fence. However, I am the one who does 99% of the baby stuff. Asking him to do something is like pulling teeth sometimes," she wrote.

"He keeps making jokes like he doesn't need to do stuff, he has a wife for that, or he can't do something, he's holding the baby. But when I have her I'm expected to do everything?!

The woman said that her husband constantly joked about her unpaid labour (

"So earlier I was talking about sleep training, how if dad does the check ins then baby doesn't expect food, so he make a "joke" about how he'll just give me one of his t-shirts so he doesn't have to do anything.

"I lost it and said 'why do you have to be such a d*ck!?'"

She continued: "I feel like he makes these jokes at my expense, constantly. They're kind of demeaning and hurt my feelings. But whenever I say something back I'm 'so mean'.

Women are outraged about the husband's comments (

"Anyway, he took his things and is now sleeping on the couch. I went and said sorry for losing my cool and trying to explain how constantly making chauvinist jokes since he got home had resulted in eventually the last straw.

"But he is ignoring me. AITA [am I the as*hole] here?".

Naturally, the comments that ensued soon put her mind at rest.

"Ask him if he would like his custody split, because if he keeps this shit up, you are leaving him. One baby is enough, you don't need him acting like a child on top of it," one Reddit user wrote back in response, assuring her that she wasn't the as*hole.

Meanwhile, another wrote: "OP, make sure you are on birth control. Use two kinds at least. He wanted children, but doesn't want to actually take care of and raise them."

"Why are YOU apologising?!?! HE owes you an apology. I would have left him on the couch so he can think about all the hard work you put in," a third reader wrote.

As a fourth concurred, putting it perfectly as they chimed in: "Seriously, I am so tired of women apologising to men for upsetting their bad behaviour."

Amen to that.

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