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People Baffled By Man's Bizarre Reaction After Failed Date

People Baffled By Man's Bizarre Reaction After Failed Date

This is one of the weirdest reaction's we've heard to a bad date...

Lisa McLoughlin

Lisa McLoughlin

A TikTok user has left people baffled after she shared a date's bizarre reaction when she told him she just wasn't interested.

Despite letting him down gently, Lulu, who goes by @notsimpqueen7 on TikTok, revealed her date decided to leave a message for potential suitors under her toilet seat with her lipstick.

Posting a video of her scrubbing the underneath of her toilet seat last week, she captioned it: "Kicked out a Hinge date within 15 minutes of meeting him because bad vibes and he asked to use the bathroom before leaving AND USED MY LIPSTICK TO WRITE ALL OVER THE TOILET SEAT."

Yeah, you read that right. It's so gross.

Lulu shared her disaster date on TikTok (

However the full message wasn't clear in the shot, except for the word "run", which doesn't instil much confidence to anyone.

After sharing her story, TikTok users commented in their droves branding his stunt "disgusting" while some defended his actions.

One penned: "Only a man who never cleans his toilet would think this was a clever idea."

"He used her lipstick,,, and messed up her toilet... intentionally making a mess... how on earth are people thinking that he is not the red flag??" another remarked.

In light of the commentary, Lola shared a follow-up story time video revealing the full the message and the context behind it.

The TikToker explained that she invited out the man, who she met on the dating app Hinge, with herself and a group of friends but asked him to leave after he upset the vibe status quo.

She shared: "I just wasn't feeling it, I didn't want to have a bad night, so I was like can you please order yourself an Uber and leave?"

Lola said that she "genuinely did try to spare his feelings a little bit," by telling him that she didn't "feel comfortable hanging out with a guy because I am still in love with my ex".

After asking him to leave, her date asked to use the bathroom and wrote: "She is effing her ex. RUN" on the bottom of her toilet seat, along with his phone number.

Although some sided with the date, many commenters applauded her for asking to leave, especially after he acted out the way he did.

One person wrote: "His reaction proves your instincts were correct. Good decision."

"Why are the comments acting as if she should be forced to hang out with someone she decides she doesn't like???" another wrote.

A third remarked: "Your bad vibes were not wrong." That they were most certainly not.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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