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Women Are Sharing Wild Reasons Partners Have Been Embarrassed By Them

Women Are Sharing Wild Reasons Partners Have Been Embarrassed By Them

We can't believe what we're reading.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Sex and relationship expert and blogger Dami Olonisakin, better known as Oloni, has started another viral Twitter thread and this time women are sharing the times when their partner was embarrassed by them.

Oloni started another viral Twitter thread on Wednesday (

Oloni posted: "Ladies, have you ever felt like a guy you were involved with romantically or sexually was embarrassed of you? What happened? What were the signs?"

The responses came flooding in, with one woman sharing: "My ex used to be like this telling me we can't go common Westfield or any events etc cause of his opps as he used to be in a gang when younger. These times it's because he had two other girlfriends"

Some women said their partners were scared to be seen in public with them (

While a second woman typed: "I laugh loud, a full belly roll sort of laughter.I noticed if we went to dinner for example and I was laughing head back and having the best time of my life he always looked around embarrassed. Good thing he never actually tried to tell me to be quiet cos boooooyy..."

An anonymous anecdote came from one woman who spoke about the awkward end to their date. She said: "Idk if I'm reading too much into it but the guy I mentioned above dropped me off in town and we both had to walk in the same direction to get somewhere and he wouldn't walk near me or want me to go into the shop with him for some reason lol. Made me feel like he was ashamed to be seen with me."

One woman said her partner thought she was too skinny (

While a fourth woman shared: "When he started not holding my hand in public, not wanting to go out with me, etc. it's the little things that you notice that they really don't wanna be with you or be seen with you."

"Me being too skinny or should I say..not being hot enough for him to show off to his friends..I have really suffered," said another.

Who knew dating could be so tough!

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