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Man Caught Flirting With 60 Women At The Same Time After Accidental Group Snapchat

Man Caught Flirting With 60 Women At The Same Time After Accidental Group Snapchat


Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

There's nothing wrong with a little harmless flirty texting - but technology can often put a spanner in the works.

And one man, who decided to try his luck with multiple recipients, found himself very red-faced after one sexy Snapchat went awry.

Known only as Isaac, the man in question took a shirtless selfie and tried to send it to 60 women all at once in a bid to be more efficient.

Snapchat created a group message rather than a private story (
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However, his attempts to contact several girls at once backfired hugely when his all-too-nimble-fingers had accidentally created a group chat - and alerted them all at once of Isaac's message.

One woman, named Alaina, shared the fall-out from the en masse text on TikTok - and we're cringing so hard just reading about it.

Sharing the messages, which saw all the women laughing at Isaac and discussing their "second-hand embarrassment" from Isaac's faux-pas.

Isaac was roasted by the 60 girls in the chat (

"Added to a group chat with 60 random girls by the guy I used to talk to," Alaina captioned the story.

However, none of the girls in question were particularly upset by Isaac trying his luck, with Alaina adding they all became "best friends" as they all started to discuss how they knew him.

One girl revealed: "He matched with my roommate and then matched with me and was talking to both of us."

Another chipped in: "We have the yellow heart on snap and have been hanging out, haha dodged a bullet I guess.

"You guys are cooler anyway."

Isaac himself saw the funny side - eventually (

Even Isaac himself saw the funny side - once he'd finished blushing and put his shirt back on, anyway.

"Dear everyone, I am so sorry for my actions," he wrote. "I went upstairs to hit a late-night workout and had a terrible idea to create a private story to post douchey-Snapchats to.

"As you know, I created a group instead. This is truly humbling and I am sorry for those who I hurt in the process.

"I am learning from this mistake and will be re-evaluating my life. I will be throwing a roast Isaac party soon and you're all invited."

Ah. Hopefully Isaac has learned his lesson.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok

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