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Woman Shares Texts From Her Ex Asking Her What To Buy For New Girlfriend

Woman Shares Texts From Her Ex Asking Her What To Buy For New Girlfriend

This is so awkward.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Although some relationships end amicably, having your ex pop up in the most unexpected ways can be very annoying.

One woman certainly did not expect her ex to pop back into her life in the way he did, by asking her for birthday gift advice for his new girlfriend. The audacity.

She shared a screenshot of the guy's rather cheeky message in which he reminds her that he previously said he wasn't ready for a relationship, and is in one right now because he says it felt like 'kismet', meaning 'fate'.

The message reads: "Hi! Hope you're doing well. I know I told you I wasn't ready for a relationship but I met this girl after you and it just felt like kismet,"

A woman received a text from her ex and shared it on Twitter (

"Anyways, her birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to get her that perfume that you wear. I remember it smelled amazing. What is the name of it?"

There's a lot to unpack here.

The screenshot soon went viral on social media, prompting the Twitter user to spill some tea about their relationship and why his request came out of nowhere. "This is also so funny to me because I very much did not want a relationship with this man... we went on a few dates months ago and mutually ghosted each other."

She added: "He could have just asked me for the name of my perfume? Water sign men give me migraines."

The woman gave revealed the backstory of their relationship (

Twitter was divided about what the woman should do next. While some users said she should seek revenge by telling him the wrong perfume, others think it's a 'twisted' attempt by the guy to reconnect with his ex.

"This might be a novel idea, but why not just... tell him," one Twitter user suggested. "You don't wanna date him. He doesn't wanna date you. You're both firmly in the friend zone. I wouldn't feel slighted if someone asked me what my body wash or shampoo was bc it smelled nice and they wanted to treat [someone]."

Another Twitter user said: "To me, this sounds like a twisted and desperate attempt to reconnect with you. There is no other woman, when he says as soon as I started talking to you again I forgot her name us him trying to set the hook."

Some Twitter users think the ex is trying to find a way to weasel his way back into the woman's life (

Similarly, another person said: "He wants you to feel jealous and fight for him. There is no other woman. He just lacks the humility to reconnect with you and ask you out like a normal person. I'd ignore him. This is very immature."

One woman suggested she send her ex the wrong perfume brand. "Tell him it's Tabu. My grandma wore that and as much as I loved her, it smelled disgusting. Occasionally she haunts me and my house smells of it. Rude but whatever, hi grandma love you."

Amongst all the theories and suggestions, one of the most asked question was what brand of perfume does the woman actually wear. She revealed in a follow-up tweet that the scent that has her ex still thinking about her is... Amyris Femme Maison Francis Kurkdjian for women.

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