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'Bumble Bride' Who Married On First Date Now Lives With Husband And Two Ex Boyfriends

'Bumble Bride' Who Married On First Date Now Lives With Husband And Two Ex Boyfriends

Sarah and Paul married in Vegas after meeting at the airport - and now they live with two of Sarah's exes.

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey

The woman who got married in Vegas on her first date now lives with her husband... and two of her ex boyfriends.

Sarah Edwards was dubbed the 'Bumble Bride' when she married Paul just days after meeting him on the dating app.

Now the couple happily live together, but their situation is far from that of your average married couple.


Thirty-four-year-old Sarah told the Daily Mail that married life had started off pretty 'stressful' with the couple still getting to know each other, while having to deal with her ex partners. Thankfully, Sarah, says they all get along well enough.

She told the paper: "We had to start married life by moving into the house I own with my ex Paul until we can sell it then we will rent somewhere, alone.

"To complicate things further, Paul's also got to live with another of my ex-partners who is also my best friend, also lives here too. And they're all called Paul! But luckily they all get along like a house on fire."


Sarah and Paul first made the news last year when they met at Gatwick Airport on Christmas eve in their wedding outfits before flying out to Vegas to tie the knot.

Speaking at the time, she said: "We instantly clicked - there was an undeniable connection. I feel like Paul's my best friend already.

"We're not looking at everything through rose-tinted glasses. We know it will be challenging, but we're willing to work together."

Sarah has also opened up about her new husband's confidence issues, but admits they're still building trust as the relationship is still new.


"Paul doesn't know me yet," she explained. "So it's a lot to expect for him to trust me straight away after what he's been through after his ex-fiancee left him. But it just adds to the stresses that we already face.

"I knew Paul was jealous and lacking in self-confidence before we met. But neither of us knew that this would be quite such an issue for him. As my therapist said it's something that would normally come out over the course of us dating before getting married, but we skipped that stage."

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