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Woman Shames Bumble Match Who Told Her To 'Hit The Gym'

Woman Shames Bumble Match Who Told Her To 'Hit The Gym'

Wow, he sounds like a catch.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

With lockdown restrictions having eased, some of us singletons have decided to give dating apps a go again, looking to find 'the one' after months where trysts were fundamentally illegal (unless you're Matt Hancock, in which case, crack on).

However, with some absolute trolls online spouting their chauvinistic views, navigating the often unforgiving world of dating apps can seem like more effort than it's worth, as one woman found out.

Watch the video below.

TikToker Emma (@dilemma.rec) decided to get revenge on one such man, airing his gross body-shaming comments for all to see on the video sharing app.

After messaging him on Bumble, a dating app in which only women can message first, the charming fellow wrote he only dated "chicks that weigh less than me."

This is the delightful Bumble chat (
TikTok: dilemma.rec)

While Emma sarcastically responded this Prince Charming was a 'gem' and 'whoever ended up with him was so lucky', he replied: "Thanks fam, hit the gym and use the Weight Watchers app."

After sharing a screengrab of the conversation, Emma then shared the man's Bumble profile, as well as his LinkedIn page and Facebook.

She then captioned the video: "Someone come get your man! Linking his Facebook and LinkedIn in the comments if any of the girls want a chance with this king, he's single!"

Emma jokingly told women to
Emma jokingly told women to

Many women raced to support Emma in the comments, with many left feeling similarly irate by his behaviour.

"But...he matched with you?" one woman said. "I don't understand?"

A second added: "It's always the ones who look like room temperature coleslaw that have all the audacity."

A third chipped in: "Imagine being the most average looking guy and treating women like this."

While a fourth wrote: "When you just know it's small."

However, others felt that Emma's response to post all his social media profiles on TikTok was taking things a step too far.

The man said she was looking for a date for a wedding (
TikTok - dilemma.rec)

"I'm not okay with what he said, but I'm also not okay with your reaction. Message his mom but don't blast his stuff out," one person said.

"I understand he was wrong in what he said because I'm a bigger girl myself," another wrote. "But I think it's immature to post out his socials like that."

"So you doxxed him? Very classy," said a third.

In a follow-up video, Emma said she was stunned that her video got such a huge reaction.

"Would I have posted his LinkedIn had I known it was gonna blow up and get more than my normal 30 likes? No, I would not have because that's bitchy," she said.

Just goes to show that everyone needs to be careful with what they say online.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok - dilemma.rec/PA Images

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