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Brits Would Rather Clean The House Than Have Sex, Research Finds

Brits Would Rather Clean The House Than Have Sex, Research Finds

Giving our homes the once over is a more popular way to relieve stress than sex, a study found.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

In news we're really not sure how to take, we Brits would prefer to clean the house than have sex, new research has revealed.

Yep, more than a quarter (26%) of UK residents would opt to clean over getting it on - when it comes to stress relief that is anyway.

Cleaning was the most popular way to de-stress, beating sex (

The study, carried out by cleaning experts Dr. Beckmann, found that as a nation our go-to method for de-stressing is to give our homes the once-over, which topped both exercise and sex as ways in which we deal with the hiccups of life.

The research was carried out to mark International Stress Awareness Week (1st to 5th November) and also found that 34 per cent of Brits liked to reduce their stress levels by exercising, while 17% opted to have sex as a way of de-stressing.

Dr. Beckmann polled 2,000 of its customers to discover what methods they used as stress relief. Meditation and reading a book were also popular choices.

Sex came in third place as a popular way to de-stress according to the study (

See the full list below:

  1. Exercise (34%)
  2. Cleaning (27%)
  3. Sex (17%)
  4. Meditation (13%)
  5. Reading (9%)

The cleaning experts also found that nine out of 10 people said having a dirty or untidy home had a bearing on their mood, while a quarter said that having an unkempt home was detrimental to their productivity.

Cleaning can be seen as a form of exercise and releases endorphins which create a more positive mindset, the research revealed.

Reading a book was also a popular method of relieving stress (

It read: "Whether it's vacuuming, dusting, scrubbing, or running round the house tidying away clutter, cleaning has a lot of added benefits that are usually associated with physical exercise."

Susan Fermor, a spokesperson for Dr. Beckmann, added: "It is more important than ever to ensure we are looking after our mental health and wellbeing and doing what it takes to maintain our own positive mindset is something we should always prioritise.

"Cleaning has been widely reported as an effective method to help relax and relieve stress and due to the past difficult 18 months it has become more popular than ever in our homes. It is eye-opening and funny that the nation would opt for cleaning the bedroom, rather than using it for something a little more intimate with their other half, as a method to alleviate stress."

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