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People Are Loving This Sassy Letter About A Noisy Neighbour From Hell

People Are Loving This Sassy Letter About A Noisy Neighbour From Hell

This sounds like justified Karen behaviour if you ask us...

There's nothing worse than noisy neighbours, and living through their racket day-in-day out can push even the most sane amongst us into a rage.

Case in point, one individual who absolutely lost it after being woken up every day by their neighbour's motorbike.

And, honestly, we don't blame them...

Finally, a Karen we can support (

Sharing the letter on the chat room after receiving it, Reddit user @soundbwoyy wrote: "A letter I received this morning"

It read: "Dear Neighbour, A couple of months ago, I wrote to you about the motorcyclist neighbour who owned an un-silenced motorbike and drove to work every morning on it at about 5.34am - waking up multiple neighbours across the neighbourhood every single day without fail. 

"The simple solution was for this neighbour to reinstall the silencer and reduce the decibel level. 

"I wrote to the neighbour and 50 surrounding flats and houses… requesting this motorcyclist to reinstall his silencer and advising all neighbours of the situation.

"I gave him 30 days to do this or i would then contact the authorities - the police, council and DVLA. 

The letter was posted to all the neighbours (

"His reaction? In response, he bought a much bigger, nosier bike. The one before was 125cc. The new bike is 600cc. So, it’s even louder than before and wakes up more people."

Wow. The bike driver really does sound like the neighbour from hell.

"It’s quite amazing to think what goes through the mind of people like this? I can’t fathom it," the raging letter went on.

"To me, he’s a man who’s overcompensation for the little he’s got in the trouser department - a pathetic self-centred little man child who doesn’t care about his neighbours and hasn’t grown up.

"What a loser."

It continued: "Now, with regards to the authorities, I’ve had very little success. It seems that there are laws against removing bike silencers, but they are pretty unenforced and it’s hard to take people to court or prove it (as they simply reinstall the silencer if they have to have the bike checked by a garage). 

"Indeed, there is now a trend for bikers to remove the silencers from their bikes to increase the volume of their ‘pipes’ as they call them.

The neighbour complained about the motorbike noise (

"This is what has led to an epidemic of noise pollution from all the bikers who think they’re Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider when really everyone looks on at them with disgust and ridicule as they ride by on their noisy bike. 

"Sadly, these bikers know that they can simply get away with it. 

"So my quest is at an end without a positive resolution."

The writer of the letter went on to tell their neighbours that they were now passing the buck onto them.

"I want to pass the baton on to you," they wrote. "I am no vigilante, so if any of you have a thought as to how to convince this dickhead to change his ways, please feel free to try. 

"If no one acts, he will continue to wake you all up for years to come… you have been warned. Regards, A Neighbour."

The Karen energy radiating off this letter is giving us life.

The letter was posted to all the neighbours (

In response to the post, people had a lot of thoughts and feelings.

"F*ck noisy inconsiderate neighbours, anyone who’s had to live through having your sleep disrupted everyday knows it’s torture," said one.

While another penned: "Yeah, could have written it in a less "busy-body-neighbour-trying-to-oust-the-unruly-neighbours-from-the-church" manner, but am in total agreement -- f*ck anyone who deliberately makes noise when others are asleep".

A third had a hilarious idea, writing: "I have a neighbour like this. Moved into the street last year. Guy is a living noise machine.

"What I started to do is stick custom stickers to his bike that are a nightmare to remove. I've done this a few times now without being spotted." We have no choice but to stan.

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