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People Can’t Get Over This Ad For ‘Mother Of Groom’ Dress

People Can’t Get Over This Ad For ‘Mother Of Groom’ Dress

Sorry, if this was our wedding, we'd be running riot.

Picture your packed wedding ceremony: the groom is waiting at the end of the aisle, and then a beautiful woman in white appears.

But it's not's his mother.

That's what appears to have happened to one poor bride on her wedding day, according to a rather awkward Facebook ad.

The advert is for a "mother of the groom" dress, which the seller professes she's "only worn for a few hours".

And - well - take a look at it:

The Facebook listing was shared on Reddit (
Reddit: @schindlerscyst)

In the image, the groom's mother stood next to her son in a fascinator, pearls and a long white dress with a trail.

Her face was hidden to protect her identity.

Tell us you wouldn't be fuming at this!

"That poor bride," someone wrote, sharing a snap of the Facebook ad on Reddit.

"Fascinator and everything...Damn. She came to play," someone wrote.

While another penned: "That’s a wedding dress. Like it’s an actually bridal gown, not just a white dress but a full on bridal gown. Damn."

"I would ask my future MIL to leave if she wore that," said a third.

"Only worn a few hours because she was kicked out," another joked.

Reddit users weren't too pleased with the snaps (
Reddit: @schindlerscyst)

In other horror mother-of-the-groom news, did you hear about the woman who brought her son's ex-wife as her plus one?

Yes, you read that correctly - his ex-wife.

Taking to the AITA thread on Reddit, the groom's new wife shared the events that led up to her mother-in-law inviting Mindy, who his family constantly referred to as "the love of his life".

Despite his family's meddling, the Reddit user said that her husband never considered Mindy 'the one' - and instead branded their marriage as "toxic".

Although comforted by her husband's words, she found it difficult to bond with his mother, who she claims was "so, so, so in love with Mindy and adored her".

Another MIL brought her hubby's ex as her plus one (

She explained: "They were pretty close and even got depressed after Mindy moved to another state since she didn't want to be near my husband."

Despite their plans for an intimate celebration, she said that her mother-in-law insisted on paying for their wedding day since it was her only son, and eventually agreed.

But boy were they sorry they ever did, as the Reddit user revealed that when the big day came around her mother-in-law arrived at the venue with the groom's ex-wife Mindy.

She continued: "When the big day came, she has Mindy by her side and my husband and I are confused, my MIL approached us and we asked her 'what was happening', she said that she'd invited her to the wedding because it was a special day.

Reddit users were left stunned by the story (

"My husband said that 'yes, it was a special day for us, and that Mindy had no business being there and would appreciate if she left'.

"My MIL looked at me and I said that 'I would rather that too', but my MIL got angry and said that she paid for the wedding, and she could invite anyone she wanted, while we both agree, we said that 'Mindy wasn't really ''anyone'' and that it was the fact that she didn't told us before rather that inviting her'.

"She said that if Mindy had to go, she'll follow, and my husband said 'then do'," the bride added.

"She ended up saying that she's gonna stay but that we had to tell Mindy to leave which my husband gladly did, and my MIL spent all the evening mad, after the wedding we offered to pay for half of it or even everything if she wanted but she said that the damage was already done."

Crikey. Anyone feeling pretty grateful for their mother-in-law right now?!

Featured Image Credit: Reddit/ Unsplash

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