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Woman Catches Husband Looking At ‘Intimate’ Photos Of Best Friend

Woman Catches Husband Looking At ‘Intimate’ Photos Of Best Friend

'Oh that’s a huge red flag'

A woman has prompted outcry on Reddit after sharing how she caught her husband looking at intimate pictures of her best friend.

The woman, 27, who has kept herself anonymous but goes by @nightbunbiz on the chat platform, explained that she was a photographer, and had used her husband's computer to edit some boudoir pictures she had taken of her bestie.

"I used my husband's computer to edit these photos and recently needed to clear some space on my Lightroom editing software," she said.

"My husband offered to save these photos in a folder on the computer in case I needed them later - which I was thankful for and thought nothing of (at the time of this photo shoot he knew not to look at these photos as they were intimate.)"

The Reddit thread has prompted outcry (
Reddit: @nightbunbiz)

She continued: "Well, today while I was on the computer I pulled up the file tab and a few photos of her ass/her in lingerie were on the “recently viewed” list that shows up.

"I am fairly open with my husband and am okay with him watching porn. He also has an abundance of photos of me that he says is mostly what he looks at for times like that.

"But to break my trust and look at photos of my best friend, who did not give him consent to view these, crosses the line for me."

The images were found on the husband's computer (
The images were stored on the husband's computer (
The images were stored on the husband's laptop (

The betrayed wife added that she knew her best friend and her partner would be angry and upset if they knew what her husband had done.

"I kind of feel like my friend has the right to know but I don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable either," she wrote.

"Whenever my husband and I hear stories of people having photos of people that they shouldn’t we always joke that we don’t understand why you would have to be so creepy considering that porn is free and widely available, yet this happens.

"He is always claiming to be a feminist and normally acts super supportive of women, me, etc. I am just so lost as to what to do."

Reacting to the post, many people told the wife that it may be worth encrypting any images she saved on a shared computer, and some even blamed her for leaving them on a computer that anybody else had access to.

The images were of an intimate nature (
The pictures were of an intimate nature (

"Honestly YOU broke your friends trust when you let your husband move or save those photos in the first place. Those were her very private photos and you had no right to let ANYONE have access to them, including your creeper husband. If you tell her you should probably lead with your own apology first," one person wrote.

But others found this suggestion troubling, in itself.

"It seems insane to me that you have the necessity to encrypt files so your husband won't snoop," wrote another user. "Yes, I think it's very good practice and an amazing idea because hacking is not that hard. But the fact that people puts all the fault in OP... I don't get it. She trusted her husband, like many would do!"

As another agreed: "Unpopular opinion but I don't think you did anything wrong by using his computer and letting him have access to these photos. The fact that you can't even trust your husband with such a trivial thing is definitely worrying.

"The whole 'boys will be boys' thing ends in high school. He is a grown man and he should be able to control himself. I think you should tell your friend, she deserves to know."

"Oh that’s a huge red flag," said a fourth. "Not only did he break your trust, he violated her as well, since she didn’t consent to this."

We wouldn't want to be in this poor lady's shoes right now...

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