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Woman's Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Mum Is A Perfect Reminder To Embrace Yours

Woman's Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Mum Is A Perfect Reminder To Embrace Yours

If you've lost a parent then this isn't going to be an easy read. Nikki Pennington is a blogger at Grief to Hope and she has shared a poem on the struggle she went through after losing her mum to brain cancer eight years ago.

The Facebook post, which Nikki shared originally back in November, has received a lot of engagement from her followers in the past few days.

Nikki has previously spoken publicly of her grief in a feature for Pop Sugar about how her mum was, and still is, her best friend.


The mum of one is now 35 and has children of her own. And like anyone who has lost a parent, she wishes her mum was still here to share her experiences of motherhood.

In the popular post she talks about her struggle in searching for her mum everywhere even know she knows she's not here anymore and how she eventually through her grief realised she was with her all along:

"And when she dies you'll search for her no matter how long she's been gone

You'll search for her the minute she leaves in that very room


You'll search the sky

You'll search online

You'll search group forums

You'll search old messages


You'll search old text messages

You'll search old letters

You'll search old cards

You'll search for her


You'll search old high school yearbooks

You'll search old photo albums

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You'll search the memories of old friends

You'll search her things


You'll even search the crowds

Even though someone told you she's gone, you'll still search for her

And when you are walking down the aisle, when your baby is born and when the holidays come around, you'll search the room for her

When the days are hard and when they are good

When the times are difficult and when they are so good that pure joy is filling your soul

When you are sitting on your back porch trying to sort out all your problems you'll look over because even if for a minute you'll be searching for her

Then one day you won't have to search any longer because you'll find her

You'll find her in the gentle breeze

You'll find her in the words to your favorite [sic] song

You'll find her in your child's smile

You'll find her more and more as the days pass and then one day you'll realize [sic] she's been there all along

You didn't need to search far to find her because you are her daughter and that means a part of her is always with you".

Her followers responded with a flood of support for the 'motherless daughter'.

One said: "Oh myyyyy. Crying at work ain't cool lol. Whew."

While another said: "It's sooooooo hard! My mom went to heaven 6 months ago and I miss her every hour, every day"

Nikki replies to most comments with messages of support for her Grief To Hope community which you can follow here.

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