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Woman Forced To Shave Her Head After Epic Bleaching Fail

Woman Forced To Shave Her Head After Epic Bleaching Fail

Jade Jarvis had a bit of a nightmare when trying to bleach her hair herself at home.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

We've seen some home hair dye disasters in our time, but this poor woman's might well be one of the worst we've seen.

Jade Jarvis, a 35-year-old, from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, was left with no choice but to shave her tresses off after an attempt at bleaching them went horribly wrong.

Jade bleached her hair twice in one day in the hopes of achieving the base she wanted for her desired pastel colour, but was bewildered when it turned green, and began to snap off.

Before she knew it, her locks were so badly damaged she had no choice but to shave her head completely.

She said: "When I saw what had happened to my hair I just wanted to burst into tears.

Poor Jade had no choice but to shave her locks (

"I was in shock. I knew there would obviously be some damage to my hair from bleaching it but I never in a million years thought it would be so bad that I would have to go bald.

"I looked in the mirror and wanted to cry my eyes out. My hair was a dark green kind of colour and I wanted it to be light enough so I could put a pastel colour on top.

"I've always been brave with my hair and dye it all different colours. I've been every colour under the sun.

"I'm a bit of a hair dye addict. I've been doing it for around 20 years now but nothing like this has ever happened before."

Jade's hair was dry and broken (

Jade knew she was going to have to bleach her hair twice because of how dark it was to begin with.

After the first attempt at bleaching, her hair was a more ginger colour and a few strands of hair began to snap, however Jade was determined to get it as light as possible so she could then dye her hair a pastel colour.

She said: "It started to snap a little bit after the first time I bleached it, but there was no way I was leaving it how it looked so I went ahead and bleached it a second time to get it as light as possible.

"But that was not a good decision as all my hair began snapping off. It was the worst I've ever seen.

"My friend was round while I was doing it and I asked her to check how badly damaged my hair was.

"She told me that she thought I would need it all cut off from an inch to my root. I couldn't believe it. Even from the softest touch, my hair was just breaking off."

Jade has shaved her hair so it grows back in better condition (

She recalled: "I'd burnt off the hairs off the back of my head off. It was an absolute disaster.

"I looked in the mirror and knew I had no choice but to go bald and start again."

Jade has had short hair before but has never fully shaved it off, and was terrified to make the bold move.

Jade added: "I hated having to shave it off. I really wanted to try and grow my hair this year. It was gutting."

Recalling the moment she took the clippers to her head, Jade said: "I looked in the mirror after shaving it all off and wanted to break down.

"I nervously laughed to stop the tears from coming. I hated looking at my bald head. I haven't been able to get used to it, I still hate it now."

Jade is making the most of her new style (

People have been kindly supporting Jade since her decision, and many of her friends have even told her she suits the shorter look, anyway.

"People have been saying it suits me but I disagree," she said. "I really didn't like the light and shaved hair so I decided to dye it blue again to see if I would like it better but I am still not a fan.

"I've definitely learnt my lesson and I will never bleach my hair by myself again. I'll always be going to the hairdressers from now on as it has never gone this bad before."

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