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Woman Has Best Response To Man Who Sends Her An Unsolicited D*ck Pic

Woman Has Best Response To Man Who Sends Her An Unsolicited D*ck Pic

That's *one* way to make sure a creep never bothers you again...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

It should go without saying that unsolicited d*ck pics are just *not* okay on any level. It's sexual harassment and the psychological impact they can have is all too real.

So, when 23-year-old Mariclare Michelle, from Washington US, was inundated with THREE from one vile stranger on Facebook, she thought of the most genius way to deter him from ever doing it again.

Mariclare was sent the intimate images by the man, who she had never met before, just 12 hours after she had rejected his online advances.

He wasn't deterred when she told him she had a boyfriend, and continued to inundate her with messages about her eyes and freckles before turning things x-rated.

But the retail manager left him squirming as she responded to his penis pics by telling him she had a porn blocker installed on her phone that automatically sent nude images to police to investigate.

The man continued to message Mariclare Michelle after she snubbed his advances (
Kennedy News and Media)

"Sorry I can't see the pictures. What did you send me. A meme?," Mariclare replied, despite actually having seen the NSFW images.

"Not exactly," the man replied.

Mariclare then probed: "What was it? Usually I can't see the picture if it's nudity. I have a porn blocker on my phone and it send the info immediately to my local police from the pictures data.

"I know it's silly but you can never be too careful with creepy guys on the internet sending out unsolicited d*ck pics."

Mariclare Michelle pretended the intimate pictures had been sent to the police (
Kennedy News and Media)


Clearly in a panic, the man then admitted that he had sent her images of his privates, blaming it on "drinking way too much".

"Well I hate to say this but those pictures are probably being looked over at my local Sexual Crimes Against Women unit," Mariclare added.

"Which probably means they already have pictures of your face now too because of your profile.. you should look into getting a lawyer if I were you.

"Oof drinking way to much..? Don't know if that will make a good case."

The sender blocked Mariclare as the prank terrified him (
Kennedy News and Media)

The terrified man then hilariously blocked Mariclare from being able to send any more messages.

She explained: "I laughed really hard when the picture came through. I was half awake, half asleep and like, 'what?'.

"It's a picture of his penis. Several pictures of his penis. He sent me multiple. I think he sent me three.

"I was a little thrown off but I guess I now expect it nowadays with men. Some men, not all men.

Mariclare also shared the interaction on Facebook (
Kennedy News and Media)

"So I was like, alright, I'm not going to let him have the upper hand in this one because clearly he thinks he does. He has obviously learned his lesson now.

"I get it all the time so I wasn't too worried [when I got the picture]. I was sick of it. I saw a post about a different girl talking about a porn blocker on her phone.

"I was like, I've got the time and I have nothing better to do. I might as well prank him back.

"My boyfriend and I were sitting on the couch together. I am very open with him so I told him about it too.

"He was like, 'well if he's going to waste your time you might as well have a laugh out of it'."

Mariclare said she hopes other women will benefit from the prank (
Kennedy News and Media)

Mariclare shared screenshots of her conversation with the man online, where they were liked, shared and commented more than 3,700 times.

And the terrifying thing is, more women even came forward sharing similar experiences they'd had with the man in question after he demanded nudes from them - again blaming it on alcohol.

She added: "I don't feel bad for this guy. It feels pretty good, honestly.

"I hope other women use cues like this to help themselves and not feel like they're in a damsel in distress situation."

Here's hoping nobody ever needs to pull out this trick - but if you do, it's certainly proven to be effective!

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News and Media

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