Woman Claims Her Date 'Stole' Her Money To Buy Gifts For His Girlfriend In Viral Twitter Post

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Woman Claims Her Date 'Stole' Her Money To Buy Gifts For His Girlfriend In Viral Twitter Post

A woman has claimed that her date 'stole' over a thousands pounds from her to buy presents for his girlfriend, in a viral Twitter thread.

Twitter user Neecee shared details of their dates in the post, alleging that the man had 'taken' £1,200 from her by using her bank details.

The woman explained she was initially hesitant to 'expose' her date.

"However he really took the p*ss out of my life and disrespected me to a whole new level when I was nothing but kind to him," she said.


"I wanna make sure he doesn't do this to anyone else. Let's start from the beginning so you can understand how I got myself into this stupid situation."

Neecee explained how she had hung out with man, who she now calls 'fraud bae', for under two months and they went on a few dates together.

"It was intense from the beginning, we got along like a house on fire," she explained.


However, the Twitter user went on to add that she had an 'inkling' about another woman, but had no 'real evidence'.

When she confronted him over it, the man said explained this person was just a 'close friend'.

"So we planned a double date with my best friend and her man," the Twitter user posted. "We waiting on him and he calls to tell me he lost his wallet.

"I had no reason to not trust him at this point and I wasn't ready to be a third wheel.


"He told me he would pay me back if I sort him out, so I agreed."

Neecee shared screenshots of this conversation to her followers, and went on to add that she had paid for entry to the club, drinks and food, which totalled around £80.

"This is the night I believe he took my bank details, as he did have access to my card but he gave it back to me so it was all good," she tweeted.


Neecee continued: "I know this whole idea was so stupid from my part, but he told me was a director of a company, he didn't need my small small money! I genuinely thought he legit lost his wallet, I would of done the same for any of my friends.

"This is the last night time I saw him in person."

But the next day, the woman says he never offered to pay her back, but saw him partying on his Snapchat.

"So this is the same guy who lost his wallet with no bank card or ID," she declared. "This is when I knew, he is really taking me for a d*ckhead.


The Twitter user decided to end things between them there and then.

"Little did I know all of this was premeditated. He staged the lost wallet scenario so that he could get hold of my card details," she alleged.

"He was very convincing, I must applaud him on that."

And the next day, the woman said he changed his profile picture to one of him and his 'close friend'.

She added: "They went on a spa weekend away, all boo'd up on his Snapchat story."

He then allegedly blocked her on all social media platforms.

However, it wasn't until a month later that the woman says she noticed 'suspicious transactions' on her bank statement.

"I thought that it was just some random scammer that somehow got hold of my details," she explained. "I called my bank and told them, they sent me a new card and blocked my old one."

But after noticing a payment to easyJet which included a flight reference number, the woman and her friend were able to log in to the account.

"And there it all was... both [his] and his girlfriends' full names with boarding passes, everything! They already checked in," she exclaimed.

"He is taking his girlfriend to Paris on my expense, the audacity!! He even booked the hotel and tourist crap all on the same day."

After some more digging on social media, she realised he'd also ordered his girlfriend flowers with her bank details, sharing screenshots of all the transactions.

She alleged he paid bills and parking tickets with her money, and he even said he'd bought himself some Instagram likes online.

"I had to play this smart, so I decided to not to confront him until I have a plan to get justice," Neecee explained.

The woman said that she decided to report him to police and he was arrested at Gatwick airport.

She says he later confessed to everything in his interview and the case went to court, where he was handed a suspended sentence, a fine and community service.

The woman also says 'fraud bae' is still with his girlfriend.

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