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Woman Comes Up With Genius £3.50 Hack To Solve Wet Dog Problem

Woman Comes Up With Genius £3.50 Hack To Solve Wet Dog Problem

All dog owners know the pain of trying to stop your pooch from soaking the place after a bath...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Being a dog owner is one of the most rewarding roles any one can take on. That's until bath time rolls around.

No matter how quickly you manage to cocoon your pooch in their towel post-wash, they always somehow manage to leave you and your entire bathroom, walls and furniture covered in water.

Well lucky for us, one dog mum may have just shared the most genius, pocket-friendly (and SO damn cute) hack for keeping this from happening.

Cairn Terrier Alfie loves to rub himself against the walls after bath time (
Christina Thygesen)

Christina Thygesen from Stevenage had been having problems with her Cairn Terrier Alfie leaving a damp reign of terror behind him after every wash.

Posted on Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she explained that Alfie "likes to rub up against walls and doors when he's had a shower" - a nightmare considering she's currently in the process of redecorating the house.

To stop her pooch from ruining her newly-painted walls, she decided to buy Alfie his own dressing gown, but instead of hitting up (often expensive) dog clothing retailers, she popped down to her local Tesco to visit the baby clothing section.

12-year-old Alfie doesn't mind wearing the dressing gown, even though his face says different (
Christina Thygesen)

For just £3.50, Christina managed to pick up a baby dressing gown which fits little Archie like a dream.

Never mind the practicality... HOW CUTE DOES HE LOOK?

Despite his grumpy expression, Christina tells Tyla that Alfie doesn't mind wearing his new robe.

"He's 12 years old and has gotten a bit more grumpy with age which is why he doesn't always look happy, but he would only be in the dressing gown for about five to ten mins which gives us enough time for a cuddle," she says.

Christina's hack has since gone viral (
Christina Thygesen)

The hack quickly went viral and hundreds of pet owners commenting that they'd be trying the same thing.

"What a brill idea for my boy. Saves chasing him with towels lol," wrote one person.

"What a fab idea will have to get one for my dog!," said another.

"Love the idea of buying baby clothes instead of dogs clothes," penned a third.

"Ahh that's such a good idea my dog does the same and it drives me nuts because he is long haired I end up with wet hair everywhere! He is super cute love his little face but he looks so sad bless him!," said another.

We love this idea; it's both practical and adorable. Brb, off to hit up the baby section.

To get your dog a dressing gown like Alfie's, pop down to F&F in your local Tesco.

Featured Image Credit: Christina Thygesen

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