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Someone Has Created A Chair For People Who Love Sitting Cross-Legged

Someone Has Created A Chair For People Who Love Sitting Cross-Legged

These should be compulsory in every office.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

Those of us who spend large portions of our day sitting in an office chair know the pain of trying to get comfortable.

We shift from right leg crossed over left, to the reverse, to legs uncrossed entirely, then to slouching, and to bolt upright - all before it's even lunchtime.

Sometimes, you're just dying to pull your legs up and sit cross-legged like an eight-year-old child, but sadly social norms and - more importantly - our narrow, armrest-laden office chair just won't allow it. Until now.

The Soul Seat, a brand new invention created by US company Health By Design, is here to solve all your ergonomic woes.

Unlike your standard issue office chair, the Soul Seat features an adjustable raised seat, and below that, a second level which you can cross your legs on, or have one leg hanging off and one tucked back.

Other positions include resting your shins on the second level, with your feet sticking our the back, or you could even adopt a squat position, resting both feet flat.

Aside from letting you sit like a child (the dream), the Soul Seat is said to be incredible for posture. According to the company, it "tilts the pelvis forward, opens the hips, and lets the spine align to a comfortable, neutral position".

It's also meant to be a must-have for those who are a little stiff in the leg department.

Testimonials show that within a few months of using the Soul Seat, users found themselves to be far more flexible; more comfortable sitting on the floor, and able to achieve yoga positions they'd been far off reaching before.

How cool is that?

This yogi-friendly creation was invented by designer and founder, Pack Matthews, who was frustrated with usual ergonomic chairs which left no room to change position.

Unfortunately, the chairs come pricey. Soul Seats start at $875 (£675) and - depending on the finish - go up to $1200 (£925).

Browsing online, there are a few ergonomic office chairs that aren't quite as expensive, but none have the same two-level design (or sleekness) as the Soul Seat. You can buy one here.

Right, can someone give us the UK Department of Health's address so we can get these in everyone's offices? Ta.

Featured Image Credit: Soul Seat

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