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Mum Mixes Prosecco With Baby Food Puree In Game-Changing Cocktail Hack

Mum Mixes Prosecco With Baby Food Puree In Game-Changing Cocktail Hack

This mum-of-two is a genius when it comes to using up what she already has in the cupboard.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

New parents can often struggle to find the time to go out with friends for drinks.

And of course you can have your other mum pals round for a gossip at home, but because you're always running around after the little ones, stocking the alcohol cupboard with anything fancy is pushed to the bottom of the list.

Which is why this mum's idea for pimping your prosecco is genius.

Eleanor Tracey, 40, from London, was at her friend's house for dinner last week for a 'mum's night' when the mums started to go wild by mixing alcohol with baby food fruit puree, creating themselves homemade cocktails. A quirky idea... but bare with us.


The office manager who is a mum of-two to Winnie, five and Ted, two, mixed Prosecco with peach baby purée for a fabulous home-made Bellini. Who needs the fancy stuff you can buy in the shops when you can borrow your kid's snack supply?

Eleanor said: "I had a very rare night off from mummy/work/wife duty to hang out with some other mum friends and moan about work, kids, lack of sleep, never having any us time and we thought we would use Ella's peach pouches to pimp our Prosecco and make some Bellinis - we have named them Ellinis.

"We all thought it was a brilliant and hilarious idea - it turns out we're not the first people to use these in alcoholic drinks and we certainly will not be the last."

40-year-old Eleanor has two children, Winnie and Ted (

Since then, Eleanor has also made strawberry vodka cocktails using the strawberry pouch purée, vodka, tonic water, sugar syrup and mint and is planning to try Pear Martinis on the next mums night.

This hack might have only benefitted the grown ups this time, but Eleanor is known for finding tips and tricks to benefit her kids, or more cost or time-effective ways to do things so she can spend more time with her children and make being a working mum easier.

From creating a weekly menu, to batch cooking and using washing up liquid on stains pre-wash, this is a mum on a mission.

The other mums loved Eleanor's Bellini hack. (

Eleanor said: "Shopping to a menu saves money, doing a food menu means the husband can start cooking if he gets home, there is no excuse he doesn't know what's for dinner.

"Batch cooking at weekends saves time on a work night and washing up liquid is great for stains pre -wash.

"Always take snacks, as it saves hanger tantrums and a small fortune on last minute snack shops".

"And the best old wives tale is when your kids have a cough at night chop an onion in half and put it in a bowl under the head end of the child's bed and this stops them coughing."

This is one savvy mum, but we think the Bellini hack is her best yet.

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