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Mum Issues Warning After Chest Of Drawers Almost Crushes Her Triplets

Mum Issues Warning After Chest Of Drawers Almost Crushes Her Triplets

Roxanne wants parents to know how important it is to anchor furniture to walls.

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

Mary-Jane Wiltsher

A mum has issued an urgent warning to fellow parents after her toddler triplets were nearly crushed by a large chest of drawers.

Roxanne White, and husband, Hank, both 38, were shocked when they replayed their baby monitor footage taken Sunday 13th September, which you can view here:

Two-year-old triplets, Riley, Spencer and Haven, from Illinois, US, began climbing over the heavy wooden chest during their nap time, before it fell on top of them.

With one of the triplets trapped underneath, the video footage shows them crying as they pull the heavy wooden furniture off, before Roxanne rushes in.

Luckily, the trio escaped with just bruises, but Roxanne said the accident "could have been fatal" and wants to "raise awareness" of the need to anchor furniture to walls.

The toddler triplets began climbing the chest during their nap time (

Roxanne, a nurse practitioner said: "The triplets were supposed to be napping when I heard Spencer scream.

"I wasn't worried at first as I hadn't heard a loud bang and the scream sounded like a playful cry, as though one of the other triplets had taken his toy.

"I couldn't believe it when the cabinet was on the floor.

"I have no idea why we didn't anchor the cabinet to the wall but I guess as it's short and long we assumed it wouldn't fall over.

The wooden chest - which was not anchored to the wall - then toppled over on top of the toddlers (

"I was in shock when I watched the baby monitor footage back, we are so lucky that none of the triplets were seriously injured.

"This type of accident in the home could have been fatal which is why I felt compelled to share it online."

Following the incident, Roxanne has described experiencing extreme levels of 'mum guilt'.

She said: "The monitor normally picks up sounds so I know when the mischievous triplets are out of their beds and not napping.

Luckily, the triplets escaped with just bruises (

"But I think one of them must've turned it down by accident as I didn't hear the cabinet crash to the ground.

"It took less than two minutes for me to get into their bedroom after Spencer screamed, by which point he had managed to free himself."

The video shows Riley pulling out the large drawers as Spencer climbs on top of the cabinet, which has a baby changing unit on top

Haven then begins climbing the side, before the chests topples over on top of Spencer and Haven.

The heavy wooden chest was positioned against the wall, but not anchored securely (

Roxanne said: "Spencer is the one who has his right leg trapped underneath the cabinet.

"Haven is able to get herself free fairly easy by lifting the changing table off of her head.

"Riley and Haven then climb back into bed as their brother lays trapped.

"I'm surprised Haven got involved in this behaviour as she's normally the mum of the three."

Roxanne says that although the triplets are cheeky that his type of accident hasn't happened before.

Roxanne has shared the footage as a warning to fellow parents (

She said: "They get up to all sorts but this has been their only near fatal accident.

"It's scary to think that they could have been so severely injured.

"We took the cabinet out of their room the second the accident happened and two days ago [16th September] it was anchored to the wall to prevent this from happening again.

"The post online has been shared thousands of times which is great as it's important to raise awareness to prevent it from happening to anyone else."

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