Man's Terrifying Experience Of Using A Ouija Board As A Child Goes Viral

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Man's Terrifying Experience Of Using A Ouija Board As A Child Goes Viral

A man has taken to Twitter to detail the terrifying tale of his experience of Ouija board, and it's enough to give anyone the heebie-jeebies.

Marcus Hitchcock started by sharing a tweet instructing people not to use Ouija boards, telling his followers: "I know there's are a lot of people who are skeptical of demons and spirits. but I would strongly advise you to stay far away from Ouija boards. I learned this the hard way as a child."

From there, Marcus explained he had an aunt who owned an antique shop in New Orleans, and had a living space underneath the shop. Although she was family, he said she was a 'toxic' person, who used to beat him and his cousin.

Marcus' grandma said his aunt was into witchcraft and as a result she didn't want him going over there. But one day, the aunt had a stroke, which left her wheelchair bound and only able to get up and downstairs via an electric lift.


When Storm Katrina hit New Orleans, his aunt refused to leave her home and drowned as a result of not being able to use the lift which was broken because of all the water.

Despite the fact her shop was looted, Marcus' uncle collected a few of her remaining belongings and brought them to the home where he lived with Marcus.

Among her stuff, Marcus and his cousin found his aunt's Ouija board, which they were always instructed not to touch.


Marcus and his cousin tried using it to contact the likes of Biggie and Tupac, but when that didn't work, they decided to ask their late aunt how to use it but as they did it - all the lights in their home went out.

"I'm pretty sure I sh*t myself but I was too scared to check. When the power go out and you in the middle of nowhere it's PITCH BLACK," he explained.

"I was shook because it wasn't even f*cking raining. Me and my cousin screaming and shit and for some reason we hide under the bed."

Marcus grabbed the phone to try to ring his uncle, who was a fireman, but got no answer because he was out at work.


It was then that they started to hear a knocking on the door, getting louder and louder and louder.

Marcus and his cousin run to hide back under the bed when they noticed a person standing at the window, peaking through the glass.

"A full face is pressed on the glass and I couldn't even make out who or what tf it was. At this point my heart beating so fast I think im about pass tf out," he said.


Marcus tried his hardest to shut the window but it just wouldn't shut, so he picked up the rifle and pointed it out the window in the direction of a figure standing on the grass.

"My cousin still in the closet was finally able to find the flash light and he tossed it to me. I shine the light in the field and before I get a chance to really see who tf this is they start RUNNING TOWARD THE HOUSE. THIS WINDOW STILL NOT CLOSING."


So Marcus starts pulling the trigger over and over and it just won't shoot, so he throws the rifle out the window, runs out the room and shuts the door behind him.

When Marcus explained to the man's wife that he thought someone was in the house, she called the police and asked for every officer in town to come up to the house.

"The police searched the entire house and didn't find anything. No signs of forced entry. No scratches on the windows. No dents on the doors. The only thing they found was A LOT of water on the floor and in the halls. They asked us if we had been playing in the water and we said no.

"The next morning, my uncle and a few of the other fireman we back out to the house. They went in the house, got the Ouija board, took it out in front of the house and burned it. My uncle and his wife got a preacher to bless the house, but I still never went back there."

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