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Man Explains Decision To Watch Euros At Wembley Despite Pregnant Wife Being Four Days Overdue

Man Explains Decision To Watch Euros At Wembley Despite Pregnant Wife Being Four Days Overdue

Footie fanatic Stephen Thornton travelled to Wembley four days after his partner's due date.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

A dad-to-be has explained his decision to go to Wembley for the Euros 2020 finals, despite the fact that his pregnant wife would be four days overdue.

Sports fanatic, Stephen Thornton, 32, had obtained a ticket to the momentous football game between England and Italy before he learnt his wife would be overdue.

And he also travelled to watch the semi-final, where England played Denmark, on his baby's due date.

Erm, if we were his wife, we'd have a few choice words!

Stephen said he wouldn't be missing the Euros (

The dad-of-one, from Birmingham, said his nerves were 'all over the place' as he lost phone signal in the ground as England won against Denmark on Wednesday and he had 'no clue' if fiancée Sarah had gone into labour.

He said: "It was nerve wrecking , I don't know if I was more nervous for Harry's penalty or if my phone was about to ring."

But he was all too aware his nerves would be even worse by Sunday, as his wife would be four days overdue by then.

His ticket for the England Vs Italy Euro final was non-transferable, so the football fanatic was determined not to miss this once in a lifetime game.

Stephen, 32, joked: "It was poor planning by us both nine months ago."

Stephen is already a dad of one (

Ahead of the big day, Stephen said: "I gave up my ticket to the match against Germany to go with Sarah for an important scan appointment. Now all I'm asking is that the birth doesn't clash with the final - it's not much to ask.

"Obviously I would have to leave the ground if Sarah goes into labour but I have told her she needs to cross her legs for those 90 minutes."

The engaged couple from Kings Heath, Birmingham, have been together for 10 years and have a five-year-old daughter called Isabelle - who was born early.

Stephen's wife was supportive of the decision (

Defending her partner's decision to go to the game regardless, Sarah, 33, said: "I will be trying to relax and catching up on Love Island, unless of course I have a new born to look after."

While the couple haven't announced if their little one has arrived yet, or if Stephen managed to get through the whole game, extra time and penalties without having to dash to the hospital, the Aston Villa fan said ahead of Sunday's match that he wants to name their child after an England player.

He said: "As a Villa fan, I think Jack is a great name for a baby born this weekend, but I would be happy with Harry or Gareth," he said.

"If baby is a girl, I think Caroline is perfect but Sarah isn't having it."

Here's hoping a the little baby was born before Sunday and Stephen got to watch the game!

(And, errr, if he didn't, we're sure he wasn't too devastated to be skipping that ending anyway...)

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