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Little Girl, Four, Celebrates Beating Cancer With Photoshoot

Little Girl, Four, Celebrates Beating Cancer With Photoshoot

A little girl has celebrated beating cancer with a beautiful photoshoot.

Back in March, four-year-old Lula Beth Bowden's family were knocked for six when they were sat down by the doctor and told the heartbreaking news that their little girl had cancer.

After receiving multiple diagnoses for why their daughter was feeling so sick, Lula Beth's parents weren't satisfied. They pushed for more tests and soon found out Lula Beth had a Wilms tumour (a paediatric cancer) on her kidney.


Her mum, photographer Kristin Bowden, wrote on Instagram at the time: "She has been so sick, up and down since the beginning of March. We went to multiple doctors and just weren't satisfied with the diagnosis' and answers/medicine we were getting that seemed to not be solving anything. We knew it was something more.

"I can't even bring myself to say the word, but my baby girl is battling cancer."

The little girl, from Vernal, Utah, first had to undergo surgery to have the football-sized tumour removed, along with her entire kidney.


Over the next five and a half months, young Lula Beth had to endure 13 rounds of chemotherapy treatment as her devastated family watched on praying by her side.

On August 7th, Lula Beth received her final round of chemo and awaited tests to see if she had beaten the cancer.

A painful three weeks followed before, on 28th August, mum Kristin announced to her followers that Lula Beth had beaten the disease. She'd been given the all-clear and she was cancer free.

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To celebrate the news, Kristen photographed her little girl in a field wearing a pretty orange dress and headband and holding a placard with the words: "It came. We fought. I won. Officially cancer free. 08.28.20."

The beautiful photoshoot was shared with Kristen's 18,000 followers, with hoards of people commenting to congratulate the family.

"This is absolutely incredible! I know I don't know your family personally but I have been praying for you while you have been on this journey. I have been cancer free for about a year and a half now - it's an amazing feeling," one wrote.


"So so happy for you and your little warrior. This is so precious," said another.

Speaking Good Morning America about Lula Beth's formidable fight, mum Kristen said: "We never expected this news to happen to us. It's always sad, heartbreaking stories of others that you see, until it happens to you."

She added: "She flawlessly got through them all and remained the light in our family."


Kristen has been documenting Lula Beth's journey over on Instagram and has tirelessly been drumming up support for her daughter.

"I have tried to document this season in our lives so we could look back on it forever. It's been a very emotional time for us," she told GMA. "We have been so happy and it has taught us to never take life or health for granted."

We're so so happy for the Bowden family. And Lula Beth - what a fighter!

Featured Image Credit: @kristen_bowden

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