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​Real Life 'Lassie' Rescues An Abandoned Dog

​Real Life 'Lassie' Rescues An Abandoned Dog

This dog was rescued and now he's done some rescuing of his own.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A sweet rescue dog has now done some rescuing of his own, after finding an abandoned pooch trapped inside a cage in the middle of a wood.

Sam Whiting noticed his rescue dog Wally started to act strangely whilst out on a walk and it turned out, the sweet pup was trying to alert his owner to a dumped dog.

Sam, 41, his 15-month-old daughter and Wally were walking on Cannon Hill Common in South East London last Sunday, when Wally began frantically running back and forth between Sam and some nearby trees.

Sam, from Merton, London explained Wally had disappeared into the woods, about 20 feet away from the path.

He then proceeded to run back and forth over and over until he had done enough to persuade his owner to follow.

As Sam then went to investigate away from the paths, he found a carry case behind a fallen tree and shrubbery that to his surprise, contained a very small frightened dog.

The Bichon Frise had been zipped in so she couldn't escape, but with her was her bed, a fluffy fish toy, collar and a lead.

Sam quickly phoned his wife, Liz, 29, who picked up the abandoned fur baby and took her home to feed and nurse back to health.

The dog was given water and lots of cuddles in the warm.

The little bichon was found in the woods alone, zipped into a carry case (

Liz said: "It could have been stolen and dumped, but it was definitely in a place where someone didn't want it to be found."

It was lucky Wally, a mongrel, who the couple adopted from rescue centre Serbia's Forgotten Paws two-and-a-half years ago, was there to save the day - just like a real life Lassie.

Liz added: "I took it to the vets to be checked over, and to see if it was micro-chipped.

"It was then collected by the local dog warden, to give her the best chance of finding out if she had a loving owner somewhere."

Merton Dog Watch then shared the news about the lost pooch on its Facebook page and it has been shared over four thousand times now.

Wally who was rescued two-and-a-half years ago found the pooch that had been abandoned (

"A number of people have since come forward hoping that she is their stolen or lost dog," added Liz.

So many comments were posted underneath from hopeful dog owners eager to be reunited with their lost pet.

Liz and Sam are hopeful that the dog's owner will be found, or the pup will be adopted, but for now they are just proud of their own rescue dog Wally.

They hope his transition from rescue dog to real-life rescuer will encourage others to consider adopting a second-hand pet of their own.

Liz commented: "We think he's like our real-life Lassie."

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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