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Thrifty Dad Builds Jaw-Dropping Indoor Playhouse For His Children From Scratch And The Footage Is Amazing

Thrifty Dad Builds Jaw-Dropping Indoor Playhouse For His Children From Scratch And The Footage Is Amazing

OMG we are desperate for one of these in the office...

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

A thrifty dad has spent eight months building his children the playhouse to beat all playhouses in his home.

With so much rainy weather in Washington, USA, Jared Geddes wanted to create the ultimate indoor play area his kids could enjoy all year round without spending a fortune.

He's certainly excelled himself. Have you seen how epic it is?


The dad is a mechanical engineer, so he knew exactly how to go about building the fantasy fortress, but it took him eight months of spare evenings to complete the incredible play area in his basement, complete with rope bridge, ladders, windows and even a bucket on a winch.

He said: "As a dad with a hobby of woodworking and background in engineering, I can finally build the things I always wanted to play with as a kid."


"I always wanted to build cool forts with wood as a kid but they never ended up how I had imagined," he added.

It was constructed from unused wood from his neighbour that didn't cost him a penny, but spent $500 (approx £400) on tools and materials to finish off the dream house.

Jared said: "This was made for my children in order to give the kids something fun to spark their creativity when they were playing.

Jared isn't sure the playhouse will ever be finished fully because new ideas to extend it always come to him.


He commented: "I'm not sure I will ever feel like it's completed because there are always new ideas that we have and features we want to add.

"The kids love playing on it and like that it can become whatever they want it to be.

"Sometimes they start to get used to having a treehouse in their playroom and assume everybody does, but whenever friends or other kids come over, it becomes brand new to them again."


We're not sure we'd ever get used to having the coolest fortress around.

Jared can you come and build us one in the office now too please?

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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