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Is It Ever Okay To Tell Someone Else's Children Off?

Is It Ever Okay To Tell Someone Else's Children Off?

When it comes to parenting, there's no specific rule book that sets out how people should raise their children, and more specifically, how they should discipline them.


Everyone has different ideas and methods on how to discipline their children, but is it ever okay for other people to tell your child off?

One woman appeared on This Morning to argue that she should have the right to discipline other people's children if they're in her home, but not everyone agrees.

Judi argued: "If the child is in my house, and I think the people that I associate with, the friends, the family, they would already know. You have the same kind of parenting - it's the circle you hang around with.

"If a child is in my home, my vicinity, and I'm the responsible adult, I think it's appropriate for me to say 'look, you've done something wrong, that's not acceptable in my home, and I don't think your parents would be very happy with that' and then I would also inform the parents.'"

However, TV personality Nicola McClean held the view that she should be the only person allowed to discipline her children, not even her children's teachers at school.


It's fair to say that Nicola's views divided opinion online with hundreds of parents wading in on the debate.

One mum commented: "I'm sorry but if my child is being naughty or unruly at my friends house then I give them my full support to give them into trouble! It's pretty pointless sending them home 3 hours later to be punished!

"Teaches the child nothing but that they can pretty much get away with it!"

A second mum echoed both Nicola and Judi's points, adding: "I understand sitting down with a child and explaining what has been done wrong and why they shouldn't do it.

"But, no one should make my child upset by shouting at them. Children (in my personal experience) react better when spoken and involved, not talked down to shouted at."

A third added: "And this is the reason we have young kids acting like louts as they know they have the upper hand and no one best tell them otherwise as if they do there parents will defend them and take matters in there own hands. Either way kids have won

"What's wrong with children realising that sometimes there wrong and have to deal with consequences ie being told off? It's part of learning."

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