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Half Christmas Trees Are Here And They Are Perfect For Pet Owners

Half Christmas Trees Are Here And They Are Perfect For Pet Owners

They're also good for those with young children prone to tugging lights and decorations...

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We love a solution to a real life problem, and Argos has found just that for those who struggle with naughty pets come the festive period.

Christmas trees rarely last in their original beautiful states once mischievous cats and dogs have caught wind - and owners can attest.

As cats attempt to climb it, dogs tug at tinsel and curious toddles play with baubles, trees are rarely left presentable by December 25th.


Argos's new half Christmas trees are here to change all that - and they're the perfect option for pet owners.

The six-foot trees start higher than normal trees, with the first branches at 93cm. That's well out of reach for any knee-level terrors.

And these half trees aren't just for parents of pets and small children, they're ideal for those who are a bit tight for space as they can be tucked in the corner of your room, even behind your sofa.

Genius, eh?


They also mean you can fit double as many presents under for lucky families this Christmas, and it means you only have to decorate half a tree. Win, win!

The faux trees come in two options: an original green or a 'snow-covered' version.

Argos's half trees are way to build, you simply slot the pieces together and pull the hinged branches into place. Just make sure you fluff out the branches when you're done so they look thick and full.

But while they're half trees, they aren't half price. Be prepared to be set back £40 for the green trees and £45 for the snowy one.

We reckon they're worth it though - the reviews speak for themselves.

"I've been looking for a tree like this for ages. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I can't wait to get it out and decorate it. It's a perfect size and height but it's still space saving without losing any of the effect. Very sturdy," wrote one satisfied customer.

"Love this tree easy to put up and really effective, had lots of compliments. Easy to dress and looked good just with lights," said another.

What's more, 96 per cent of customer who had already tested the half trees said they'd recommend it to a friend.

We need one of these in our lives.

Featured Image Credit: Argos

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