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Critically Endangered Gorilla Gives Birth At Bristol Zoo

Critically Endangered Gorilla Gives Birth At Bristol Zoo

The photos are so precious.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

In joyous news to start off your Sunday, a critically endangered gorilla has given birth to a baby - and the photos are SO adorable.

On Wednesday morning last week, keepers at Bristol Zoo arrived at nine-year-old western lowland gorilla Kala's pen to find her cradling a baby in her arms.

Zookeepers knew Kala was expecting had no idea she had given birth without assistance overnight.

Zookeepers arrived to the sight on Wednesday morning (

Lynsey Bugg, curator of mammals at Bristol Zoo, told Sky News: "We knew we were having a baby gorilla due and we've been on baby watch for a little while.

"On Tuesday Kala looked nice and comfortable and not causing us any concerns or worries. I came in yesterday morning to find a brand new baby in the house. It was lovely."

The gorilla expert said she and her fellow zookeepers were on "tenterhooks" after Kala's first baby died last year after she underwent an emergency caesarean.

It's currently too early to determine the sex of the baby (

"Last year she did have a pregnancy and birth but it didn't go as planned and unfortunately the baby didn't survive," Lynsey explained.

"We were a bit on tenterhooks this time round and it is so lovely that she was able to give birth naturally and baby and mum are really well.

"She is being very attentive and taking good care of her baby. It's very early days but we are cautiously optimistic. The early signs are good and the baby looks to be a good size and is strong."


Currently, zookeepers say it will be a while until they are able to determine the sex of the baby.

Lynsey added: "We are all thrilled. There is something very special about seeing a new-born baby gorilla, they are such an iconic and charismatic species."

Kala, her newborn and her father, Jock, are three of six western lowland gorillas now in the zoo's breeding programme to ensure the species survives.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the African species is currently critically endangered with numbers declining by 60 per cent over the last 20 to 25 years thanks to poaching and disease.

There are believed to be as little as 100,000 left in the wild, which is why we're so pleased to hear the news of this gorilla bubba.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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