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Mum Threatens To 'List Kids On eBay' After They Cover Brand New £1,000 Leather Sofas In Talcum Powder

Mum Threatens To 'List Kids On eBay' After They Cover Brand New £1,000 Leather Sofas In Talcum Powder

Christina Milford-Scott admitted she was “livid” when she saw the state of her living room.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

A mum-of-three saw her patience severely tested after her children daubed her entire living room and brand-new £1,000 sofas in talcum powder.

Christina Milford-Scott had left her eldest children, Bronwyn, four, and Soren, two, to play in the lounge while she started some work - but was left concerned after the two scamps appeared covered in white powder.

The naughty pair had caused havoc with talc (
Kennedy News Media)

The 23-year-old, who works as a self-employed nail technician in Hailsham, East Sussex, was then left stunned when she discovered her new real leather sofas, which cost more than £1,000, covered in talc - along with their carpets, curtains and even their lampshade.

Alongside her husband Jareth, also 23, furious Christina was then forced to scrub down her cheeky offspring in the bath before the couple tackled the mess, which took than two hours to brush and mop their floors and scrub the walls.

The talc almost ruined the brand new sofas (
Kennedy News Media)

She is now jokingly threatening to sell her kids on eBay and has banned talc from her house to avoid any "snow blizzards" in the future.

"My heart stopped," Christina explained. "I started laughing because when I'm in shock I laugh, but really I was angry. I was livid.

"They have done this before but nothing on this scale. You'd think we learnt our lesson. Third time round talc is finally banned.

Christina and her hubby were forced to scrub the entire living room (
Kennedy News Media)

"These children are going to drive me insane and I have finally got over the funny thought of selling them on eBay.

"It's funny because I have been threatening to sell them on eBay jokingly and now I think it's about time I create the ad."

She added she knew it was just going to be "one of those days" when she woke up with her children last Friday, as it was one-year-old Feleigh's birthday.

After leaving her eldest two alone for just 15 minutes, the cheeky pair had caused a storm in the living room.

"I was pottering around doing some business stuff. I left them alone for just 15 minutes and could hear them playing," Christina said.

"I thought they were fine. They weren't quiet - normally you worry when kids go quiet. I thought everything was fine.

The cheeky duo look as if butter wouldn't melt (
Kennedy News Media)

"I was sat at my desk doing some work and I hear 'Mummy, Soren's had the talcum powder'.

"I turned around and they were both white as ghosts."

"I'm pretty sure Soren started it all," she added. "He's a real troublemaker.

"I spoke to them and my eldest just said 'Soren did it'. I asked what she meant and she said 'Soren, started it.'"

Taking charge, Christina scooped up the mischievous little ones and rushed them to the bathroom, desperate to avoid them spreading the talc into other rooms.

The shocked couple then brushed up the excess powder, mopped their floors four times and desperately tried to clean the powder out of the creases in their new sofas.

Talc is now banned from the house (
Kennedy News Media)

After posting the images online, Christina was inundated with advice from other concerned parents, who claimed she should be thankful it wasn't Sudocrem.

On social media, one mum said: "Ahh you've cheered me up so much, I really thought it was only my kids who owned the ability to trash our house."

Another Facebook user said: "Two of mine, when little, covered each other head to toe with Sudocrem and said they were snowmen."

While another parent agreed: "Please say it's flour and not Sudocrem? Flour you can clean, Sudocrem you may as well just sell the house."

Featured Image Credit: Kennedy News Media

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