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Grieving Sons Ordered To Stop Comforting Mum At Dad's Funeral Due To Covid-19 Rules

Grieving Sons Ordered To Stop Comforting Mum At Dad's Funeral Due To Covid-19 Rules

The crematorium worker flung out of the wings and stopped the funeral mid-service to tell the sons to move their chairs back.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A pair of grieving sons were ordered to stop comforting their devastated mother at their dad's funeral service in order to maintain social distancing.

Craig and Paul Bicknell, from Milton Keynes, moved their chair to comfort their distraught mother at the funeral of their father Alan Wright on Friday when a crematorium halted the service to tell him to "move the chairs back".

Craig - who is grieving for his father who sadly died of a heart attack in September - wrote about the "heartbreaking" moment in a Facebook post.

"We are absolutely heartbroken. Me and my brother haven't been able to leave my mums side for two weeks as it is, being there for my Mum, within her bubble," he penned.

"I can sit in a restaurant, I can sit in a pub, I can live at her house, I can travel in a limousine to the crematorium with six.

"I want to give my mum a cuddle at dad's funeral and this p**** comes flying out aggressively in front of all shouting 'stop the service' and makes us split.

"It scared my daughter and shocked everyone in the room. This is not how funerals should be and with the guidelines in place for pubs, bars, public transport etc, how this can carry on at funerals is beyond belief. A devastating day made even worse."

Craig and later Paul can be seen moving their chairs to be close to their heartbroken mother (
Milton Keynes Community Hub)

Video footage captured shows mourners at Alan's funeral sitting socially-distanced. As the service began, Craig - and then Paul - can be seen gently moving their chairs to put their arm around their elderly mother, who is sat in the front and centre.

A man on the left of the room can be seen following lead to move his chair closer to a woman on his right when the worker at Crownhill Crematorium storms in and calls for the service to stopped to tell the brothers to move back their chairs.

"Sorry, sorry, you have to put the chairs back I'm afraid," he is heard saying. "You can't move the chairs, you were told."

The footage was shared by The Milton Keynes Community Hub who wrote on Facebook: "We were contacted by a resident who recently said goodbye to his father at Crownhill Crematorium.

A funeral worker interrupts the service to tell them to move their chairs back (
Milton Keynes Community Hub)

"They wanted us to help highlight how traumatic and upsetting the experience of a funeral now is, on top of the already sadness people feel when laying somebody to rest."

Under the current guidelines, funerals can have up to 30 guests but they must all be social distanced.

The Milton Keynes Community Hub updated their post to say that the council have since apologised to the family, but have confirmed "bubbles will not be able to sit together".

Featured Image Credit: Milton Keynes Community Hub

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