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Lonely Couple With Down's Syndrome Receive Over 2,000 Cards From Strangers

Lonely Couple With Down's Syndrome Receive Over 2,000 Cards From Strangers

Maryanne and Tommy Pilling have been inundated with Christmas cards from kindly strangers.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

You might remember us telling you about Maryanne and Tommy Pilling - a couple with Down's Syndrome who were feeling a little lonely in the run up to Christmas.

Well, we've got some cheery festive news that'll surely put a smile on your face.

After a plea from their carer to send them some love, Maryanne, 49 and Tommy, 62, have now received over 2000 Christmas cards from kind strangers.

Our hearts! Check out a clip of Maryanne opening them below:

Maryanne has been isolating since February due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis, alongside her husband Tommy, who also has Alzheimer's disease.

And after seeing how lonely the pair were, her sister and full-time carer, Lindi Newman, 32, called on people to send them festive cards.

The couple had been isolating since February (

"My sister and my brother-in-law both have Down's Syndrome and have been married for 25 years, together for 30. They are thought to be the longest married couple both with DS in the world and the first in the UK," Lindi's message began.

"Tommy sadly has Alzheimer's disease and they have both had to self-isolate together since February so this has had a terrible impact on Tommy and he has declined dramatically.

Maryanne has opened everyone's cards (

"The reason for this post is to ask if anyone would like to send them a Christmas card to make them smile? I have set up a P.O box for them to receive cards from their followers on Facebook but I thought I would ask here.

"They are so lonely and have had their favourite activities taken away (going out to play golf, the gym, manicures, farms, the zoo, bowling, cinema etc) They cannot mix with family (apart from me and they are fed up with me now."

The couple have since been inundated with cards and gifts, proving the Christmas spirit is still alive and well, even in these crazy times.

The cards are now displayed all around her house (

So sweet!

Sadly, Maryanne has had to open the presents alone, as Tommy is in hospital with suspected pneumonia and sepsis.

She is naturally "distraught" to be apart from him, seeing as they haven't spent longer than 24 hours without each other in 30 years, but Lindi has assured people on Facebook that he is getting the best care imaginable, and staff have seen his "appetite increase," too, despite the fact he "still needs more medication and time for his health to improve".

Here's hoping he'll get a chance to see them all soon!

If you're interested in sending a card or gift to the pair, their PO Box can be found here. Go on, spread some Christmas love...

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