Constellation Art Pumpkins Are The Prettiest Halloween Trend This Year

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Constellation Art Pumpkins Are The Prettiest Halloween Trend This Year

Just when we were starting to master the art of carving two eyes, a nose and crooked smile into a pumpkin, there's a new trend on the Halloween block and it's just a teeny tiny bit more complicated.

People are making incredible constellation art out of their pumpkins and thankfully, Martha Stewart has provided a handy little step-by-step guide to help us try and recreate the magic.

According to the author, all you need is a pumpkin, a keyhole saw, a handheld electric drill, gouge, scissors, masking tape, some battery-powered LED string lights or a candle, straight pins and a scraping tool.


To start off, Martha says you should turn the pumpkin on its side and use a keyhole saw or knife to carve out a circular opening in the bottom.

The opening should be big enough that you can comfortably fit your hand through, before using the scraping tool to remove all the pumpkin's flesh and seeds until the inner wall is about ¼ inch thick.

Once you've turned the pumpkin the right way up, Martha says you should punch holes with the drill to create constellations, before connecting the dots with gouge.

After that, all you have to do is place the bulbs inside so that a light stands in each hole - or simply put one battery-powered candle in the middle.


If you wanted to take it that step further, you could of course paint a pretty space-like pattern on the pumpkin, but for now we'll just stick with admiring these gorgeous constellation pumpkins on Pinterest.

Featured Image Credit: Pinterest/Kate's Creative Space

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