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Britain's Clumsiest Husband Costs His Wife £5,000 In Disasters

Britain's Clumsiest Husband Costs His Wife £5,000 In Disasters

From booking their holiday return flight on the wrong day to crashing his car into McDonald's, Craig has done it all.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Debbie Stephens certainly isn't the first wife to think her other-half is hilariously clumsy.

But listening to her anecdotes, it seems her partner, Craig, really does fall into mishap after mishap.

Speaking on podcast Real Fix, Debbie, from Edinburgh, told how she'd had to spend more than £5,000 ($6,450) to fix disasters her hubby had got her in, from sawing a sofa in half to crashing his car into a McDonald's while trying to change the radio station.

Debbie, 56, says that although Craig, 51, has 'the best intentions', her partner of 25 years seems to almost always get himself into sticky situations.

Other accidents include blowing all the lights in their home while completing some DIY and writing off her car completely by putting oil in the wrong hole

Craig broke the oven when trying to fix it (

Craig and Debbie have been together for 25 years, and the pair are so strong that she even managed to laugh it off when he stupidly booked the return flights for their holiday on the first day...

She sure does have a lot of patience!

During the podcast interview, mum-of-two and business owner Debbie said: "I think he's the clumsiest man in the UK - he's like Frank Spencer and I'm his Betty!

"He is literally the clumsiest person I've ever met. His dopey ways have certainly tested our marriage - but I love him, flaws and all.

"I try to restrict the carnage he causes by avoiding asking him to do any DIY tasks, but no matter what he still manages to leave the house like a building site."

Debbie has to put up with a lot from Craig (

Craig conceded: "I don't know what it is, but I do tend to get very confused with simple tasks."

The couple met in a karaoke bar together back in 1994, and are now parents to two children, aged 23 and 25.

Since their marriage begun, Debbie has discovered more and more about her husband's disaster prone ways.

When they first moved in together, Craig managed to burn the carpet by ironing straight onto it, rather than using an ironing board, and he also flooded the bathroom by leaning on the sink and breaking it off the wall.

Craig is just prone to mishaps (

It didn't stop there, Craig's attempt to 'fix' the washing machine instead broke a valve and flooded the entire house again, meanwhile, his DIY was proven to be flawed once again, when he re-wired the oven without realising he was colour blind, with disastrous consequences.

Plus, he cut open the packaging of their brand new sofa with a knife, creating a slit down the middle, and destroyed the fridge by defrosting it with a two bar electric fire.

"After the oven blew up for the tenth time, we resorted to calling out an engineer - who was extremely confused," Debbie laughed.

She added: "Craig is really one of a kind. Although I love my soul mate to death, he is literally leaving everything we have in pieces and I don't know how much more I can take of his antics, especially since it has cost us over £5,000 to fix everything so far."

Craig said: "Debbie has the patience of a saint. I always mean well, but I do have a bit of a habit of making a pigs ear of things."

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