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Woman Creates 'Christmas' Trees For Every Occasion

Woman Creates 'Christmas' Trees For Every Occasion

There's even a summer Christmas tree. Whaaaat?

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We all know someone who takes a little longer than usual to take their Christmas tree down - but then there's Emma Farmer.

The 45-year-old hasn't taken her tree down since December 2018, decorating it for every special occasion for over a year.

Emma, a mum-of-two from Essex, has decorated the artificial tree for Valentine's Day, Shrove Tuesday, Mother's Day, Halloween, Easter as well as countless birthdays and anniversaries.

A Mother's Day tree anyone? (

It all began when Emma, like many, had put off taking her tree down - and before she know it, it was Valentine's Day.

"I didn't want to put it away because I love to decorate and I love a theme," said Emma. "So, I thought why not keep it up?

"The tree wasn't getting in anyone's way and we all really liked it."

Emma even created a Valentine's Day tree (

She added: "I decided to keep it up for Valentine's day and decorated it with hearts and roses and then pancake day. It snowballed from there."

So far, Emma has decorated the tree for all the major holidays, including Valentine's Day, Shrove Tuesday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter, her anniversary with husband Jamie and a pirate theme for her children's birthday.

Perhaps our favourite has to be the summer-themed tree, which she decorated with bunting, flowers, paper ice cream cones and balloons. It's so wrong but right.

Emma makes her tree decorations from whatever she can find in her home as well as picking up cheap bargains from supermarkets.

You could even make like Emma with a pancake day tree... (

"We love the twinkly lights of the Christmas tree and the colours just brighten up the day," she said.

"Whenever someone comes into the house it makes them smile and it's a lovely talking point.

"When a plumber or an electrician has come into the house they have probably thought that I'm mad.

"They'd say 'do you realise your Christmas tree is still up' and I'd have to explain it to them."

Or how about a Father's Day tree? (

Other themes include a pancake day tree, complete with lemons, sugar and frying pans attached to the tree, and a rock'n'roll-themed tree to mark the birthday of Emma's mum.

"I think everyone has seen the fun in it," she said.

"I didn't spend loads on it, a lot of the decorations I had beforehand.

"At the end of the day it's been a bit of fun that hasn't been in anyone's way."

Our fave has to be the summer tree. It's so wrong but right (

Emma, it's a little bit bonkers - but we love this idea!

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