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Bride Plans To Feed Wedding Guests With One Chicken Tender Each

Bride Plans To Feed Wedding Guests With One Chicken Tender Each

'It might be enough if all 200 guests were 2 year olds who aren't particularly hungry.'

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

To say that planning a wedding is stressful is an understatement. But there is one bride who didn't seem too flustered about the logistics of her big day.

Spilling the tea on Reddit, a user named artysgirl told of the "wedding nightmare" that was unfolding with an acquaintance of theirs, who asked her groom's family to plan and fund the whole thing, from her bachelorette party to the catering.

People were only being offered one tender yet (

Before they intervened, she hadn't reserved any money for her hen-do and had planned for guests to eat just one chicken tender each.

"I'm not personally involved with this wedding nightmare, but I've heard all the gory details from the groom's mother," the Reddit user wrote.

She then goes on to detail how the bride chose her sister in law as her maid of honour, and expected her to "bankroll a 3 day boozy bachelorette party".

When the sister in law couldn't afford to do so, her mother (the mother of the groom) was called in to help with the financials.

But to make matters more awkward she wasn't actually invited to the bachelorette party...

"[The mother of the groo] isn't just paying for the bachelorette party," the Reddit user goes on.

"She also booked the church venue, paid for the venue, and paid for other assorted items".

The wedding planning fell on the groom's mother (

It turns out the groom's mother has paid for more than $10,000 (£7,057) of wedding expenses already, simply because the bride hasn't organised anything.

"Bride's parents haven't paid for ANYTHING. No one has said "thank you" to MOG," the Redditer went on.

"It gets worse. 200 people RSVPed, wedding is a week out at this point. While at the boozy bachelorette, bride calls MOG and asks if she can pick up the food on the day of the wedding. MOG asks where she's picking it up from and what it is.

"It's 200 chicken tenders. That's it."

Yep, you read that right.

The groom's mother was asked to bank roll the catering and the bachelorette party (

She goes on: "That's all the food they've thought to order for the wedding. 200 individual chicken tenders for 200 people. Oh, and an open bar and a wedding cake."

After hearing the order, the mother of the groom apparently felt so bad that she started calling round to caterers to try and rectify her soon-to-be daughter-in-law's purchasing issue.

"[The mother-of-the-groom was] beside herself and starts calling around to catering companies to see if she can get anything that resembles a meal in time," she wrote. "One company pulls through."

But ruffling feathers even more, the bride then asked to see the menu before she ordered anything.

As if her choices are going to be any worse than a chicken tender each...

As you can imagine, people were rather shocked as they read through the thread.


"MOG needs to just step back and let the sh*t hit the fan," one person wrote. "If you're that clueless or cheap to only order 200 tendies then there is no hope for you. Just wow."

While another wrote: "Strongly suspect this will be a train wreck even with this intervention. Anything planned this poorly isn't going to go off well in spite of MOG trying her best to mop up the messes she notices."

"Good god, MOG should just save her money for her kids next wedding - this one seems fairly doomed," a third penned.

As a fourth joked: "MOG should just bring popcorn for the sh*t show".

"It might be enough if all 200 guests were 2 year olds who aren't particularly hungry," someone else teased.

Meanwhile, a mother confirmed: "I just threw a party for my 8 yr old, we had 20 kids & 100 chicken tenders were barely enough!!"

We think this wedding is going to be interesting to say the least.

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